Welcome Zindagi

Welcome Zindagi examines the relationship between a Mumbai family- a father, son, and
mother. An ordinary head clerk, Arun Ganatra, is on the verge of retirement. His wife, Bhanu
Ganatra, is a simple but sensible woman. Their son, Vivek Ganatra, has recently completed his
Masters in Business Administration. At the heart of the story is the father-son relationship.
While secretly caring for each other, they have different mindsets that prevent them from
communicating. The play delves into the complex emotions and psychological interplay that
prevents people from accepting another's point of view. In all of this the mother is the bridging
factor, doing her best to set things right. She is also a tongue-in-cheek Sutradhar (narrator) with
the keenest sense of humor.

Director’s Note
Welcome Zindagi is written by Saumya Joshi, a successful young playwright from Gujarat. I
believe that theatre enthusiasts typically watch original Hindi plays and, translations and
adaptations of western plays. Unfortunately, regional plays are no longer being translated into
Hindi and tend to not get the recognition they deserve. The 1970’s-80’s were a time when Indian
theatre was introduced to many plays written in regional languages and translated or adapted into
Hindi. These plays enriched the theater scene and I feel it is time we reintroduced translations
and adaptations from regional languages. Welcome Zindagi is my attempt at this goal.

The Director
Suresh Bhardwaj graduated from National School of Drama in 1980. He recently retired as
Professor of Theatre Lighting from National School of Drama. He is the former Technical
Director of Rangmandal, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. He is the founder member of Sambhav- a
theatre group of Delhi. Along with theater he has also worked in films and television. He created
and directed popular programmes like Aap Ki Adalat and Lekhu. He has conducted a number of
theatre workshops throughout the country and abroad. He served as a member of the
International Jury for UNESCO's meet of World Drama School in Sinaia. His major theatre
productions includ Adhe Adhure, Prem Samvaad, and Chatushkon. He is recipient of prestigious
Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and Rosco (UK) award of Chaman Lal Memorial Society.

The Playwright
Saumya Joshi is a Gujarati poet, writer, playwright, director and actor. Joshi founded the Fade-In
Theatre in 2010 and in September 2011 quit his job to pursue the theatre full-time. He is best
known for his plays Welcome Zindagi, 102 Not Out and Dost Chokkas Ahin Ek Nagar Vastu
Hatu, a musical black comedy based on the 2002 Gujarat Riots.
In 2013 he was awarded the Chandravadan Chimanlal Mehta Award for his contributions to
Gujarati theatre. He has also received the Yuva Gaurav Puraskar (2007), the Takhtasin Parmer

Prize (2008- 09), the Ravji Patel Award, the Balvantray Thakor Prize and the Sadbhavna Award

The Translator
Rahil Bhardwaj did his graduation in theatre from M. S. University, Baroda and got his PG
diploma from National School of Drama in 2016 with specialization in Acting.

The Group
Akar Kala Sangam (AKS) is a group of artists interested in innovative drama. Many of them
have studied at institutes like NSD, Bhartendu Natya Akademi, and Shri Ram Center. AKS
participates in many workshops to keep its members up to date with different styles of
contemporary theatre. Their artists also get an opportunity to work with global pioneers and
leading theatre experts.
AKS has participated in Bharat Rang Mahotsav (2002 and 2003) with their productions Prem
Samvaad and Saari Raat. Aur Agle Saal performed in 2004 was viewed as one of the best plays
in Delhi and included in the Bhartendu Natya Mahotsav of Sahitya Kala Parishad. AKS has an
extensive repertoire, which it performs throughout the country.

Cast & Credits

Arun Ganatra Ramesh Manchanda
Bhanu Ganatra Anju Jaitley
Vivek Ganatra Rahil Bhardwaj
Lights Kiran Kumar Sharma
Set Execution Ram Pratap
Music Suman Vaidya
Photography S. Thyagrajan
Video Recording Sahil Bhardwaj
Costume and Properties Veena Sharma
Make-Up Ramesh Manchanda, Anju Jaitley & Rahil
Poster and Brochure Rahil Bhardwaj
Asst. Director Suman Vaidya
Playwright Saumya Joshi
Translator Rahil Bhardwaj
Design & Direction Suresh Bhardwaj