Under Construction

The Play
Three men wake up in the morning and slowly head in one direction – towards the kettle – the magic key for the new day. They press the button and wait, cups in their hands. But the world is unpredictable, and nothing can be taken for granted. Just when the tea is about to be poured, all phones and gadgets start to ring at once. Then a huge cockroach jumps out of the kettle. Then it turns out that there was no water in the kettle to start with, and a trip from the bathroom can be quite complicated if one follows the GPS… Once the water’s in the kettle, men start to boil instead of the kettle; pipes burst, flat fills up with smoke, mosquitos attack… And the kettle seems to be dead. But these gentlemen want to have tea, and they will have it! In the pursuit of their modest desire, the heroes of the play gradually destroy their apartment, and finally discover that the kettle was unplugged!
Happy end follows and everybody is welcome to the tea party.

DAVAI’s Note
The show was written and directed through the collective work of DAVAI group. Our genre is physical theatre, or non-verbal comedy. In our shows, it is important for us to tell a simple story -like this one.Three lonely men, each one with his bizarre character, wake up in the morning and want to have a cup of tea, and they have to go through an entire odyssey to get it. Using such a minimal plot helps our concentration during the show’s creation, and provides a steady base for the flight of our imagination. The atmosphere of the show is reminiscence of our Soviet childhood.Three of us were born in the former USSR and moved to Israel when we were teenagers. Throughout these years, we have preserved a sense  of belonging to another culture, and we still feel "aliens" in our country of residence. In this show we invite the audience to join our "alien" capsule, get carried away in our daydreams and laugh together with us at the absurdity of our life.

As a group, we have written and directed Under Construction, That Round Thing (a show for the entire family), and Mama (an outdoor show). As individuals, we have directed shows for adults: The Benefit For Don Vitorio, Baby Faust, One Thing Show; shows for children: Red Riding Hood, Apchee, Smartphone Bros., Old Hag With A Bag; street shows: The Lost Wheels Of Time, Everything Show; as well as 4 family shows with live orchestral music.

The Group
DAVAI was formed in Tel-Aviv (Israel) in 2013 by Fyodor Makarov, Alexey (Losha) Gavrielov and VitalyAzarin. Our common interest is physical theatre. Background training includes drama, clown, voice, photography, philosophy, cinematography, circus and music. The company is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. DAVAI is an independent theatre group, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture (in regard to new productions) and by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs (in regard to international travels).

Cast & Credits
Set Design : Losha Gavrielov
Costumes : Yasmin Wollek
Sound Design : Losha Gavrielov
Original music : Daniel Sinaisky
Technical Director : Iliya Gerchikov

Producer : Alina Feldman
Written, Directed and Performed by DAVAI i.e. Vitaly Azarin, Losha Gavrielov, Fyodor Makarov