The Play
A man and a woman meet in a waiting room of a deserted railway station. Is it real?

Director’s note
The relationships between human beings always push me to explore them. They excite me to go beyond what we see at the surface level. Human minds are fascinating and at the same time complicated too. The way we act sometimes, probably not just by a single command of mind but a rather nascent desire of our mind. What we see and what we perceive are different. What we carry and hat we want are different too. In reality, our minds are bounded by a web of socio-cultural norms which sometimes create incompleteness inside us. How to come out from it? Fantasising is a very common phenomenon to fulfil our incompleteness.
How does it feel to fantasise someone with whom we live 24 X 7, in a different way?

The Director
Born in Kolkata, Souti Chakraborty started theatre in 1984. He was associated with the Grips theatre in Kolkata for 6 years. He graduated from National School of Drama in the year 2001 with specialization in Design and Direction. He has worked in National School of Drama Repertory Company for 7 years as a Designer, Director and Actor. He has worked with almost all the renowned theatre directors of India. As a director, he has done Chanakya Vishnugupta for
NSD’s Repertory Company, and Look Back in Anger. As an actor, he has done almost 1000 performances across India. As a light designer he has designed more than 70 productions. He represented India in Young Theatre-Workers’ Workshop in Berlin, Germany. For the last 5 years, along with other theatre activities, he is also teaching at NSD, various universities and theatre institutes across India.

Cast & Credits
On Stage : Teekam Joshi, Sonia Mahajan
Music : Rajesh Singh
Video Creation : Sourav Poddar
Concept, Design & Direction : Souti Chakraborty