The Transparent Trap by Shrikant Prabhakar Bhide

The Play
From the day plastic was invented, humans have used it in almost each and everything except the edible stuff. We use this plastic, a non-degradable material, daily, because of its extreme user friendly character. Today it is an inseparable part of our lives and it is irreplaceable as well. It cannot be destroyed. Its non degradable nature has endangered the aquatic, terrestrial and amphibian species, and this is why it is the prime reason of destruction of many things and one of the prominent reasons of global warming.  This artificial creation is also hazardous for humans and yet there is no end to its use. We are getting chocked by it and also destroying our surroundings. Hence we need to find a way out of this trap.

Director’s Note
The Transparent Trap is a physical theatre based long-act play without any dialogues. It portrays the relationship between humans and plastic, as it is, without commenting on the use of plastic or advising people whatsoever.
The music composer and the light designer have tried to bring in a sense of transparency which is seen being trapped in the music as well as visuals, as the name suggests.

Director & Playwright
Shrikant Prabhakar Bhide is an actor, writer, choreographer as well as director of plays. He is a founder and director of the experimental theatre group Dhyaas, Pune. Five of his plays have won state level competitions, three of them were performed in international festivals, and more than ten plays in national festivals. He specialises in visuals, compositions and mob sequences which are very well appreciated by the viewers. In Pune, he initiated working on Physical Theatre and is striving hard to reach out to maximum audience to explore this form of art. He has scripted 5 plays of Physical Theatre on social issues, which leave an impact on the audience.
Shrikant caught the knack of writing during his college days. His writing is inspired by stories which have a lot of visuals and which can keep the audience gripped. Two of his plays Parwana and Na Milaleli Patra are drama adaptations from the international best seller novels Bread Winner and Parwana. Most of his scripts have won state level awards and have been critically acclaimed by experts.

The Group
The organisation Dhyaas is based in Pune and was established in 2008 by youngsters and theatre enthusiasts, inspired from the inter-collegiate dance and drama competitions, and hence decided to work with complete dedication to theatre. In the year 2010, Dhyaas, Pune, got registered and began to work on state level and district level competitions. It is constantly working on one act/two act plays, long act plays, Physical Theatre, and other new platforms to enhance this field of experimental theatre. The group has performed and participated in different national and international festivals. Dhyaas, Pune is one of the active experimental groups among the well-known theatre groups of Pune and it has created a name by consistently working on Phyisical Theatre performances.

Cast & Credits
Artists : Akshaykumar Mande, Shrikant Bhide, Harshwardhan Waghmare, Shreyash Dhere, Mrunmayi Apte,  achana Kakade

Music : Pradyumna Chaware

Lights : Rajas Bapat
Playwright & Director : Shrikant Prabhakar Bhide