Ruddhasangeet by Shri Bratya Basu

The Play
Shri Debabrata Biswas was a popular Rabindra Sangeet singer of Bengal. The artist’s involvement with, and severance from, Gananatya Sangha, his renunciation of the communist party, his differences with the music board of Biswabharati University and his inexorable rise to fame, his opposition against socially renowned institutions, all echoed through the many associations he shared, are some of the notable areas of focus within the many levels of this play. Apart from Debabrata Biswas, the other celebrated characters in the play are Hemanga Biswas, Salil
Chowdhury, Ritwik Ghatak, Shambhu Mitra, Bijon Bhattacharya, Tripti Mitra, Jyoti Basu, Pramod Dasgupta, Suchitra Mitra, Manjushree Chaki Sarkar, Santosh Kumar Ghosh. Ruddhasangeet bears a historic testimony to the lives of Bengalis in East India, to their social, economical and political ups and downs through almost half a century.

Director’s Note
Ruddhasangeet is a chronical, a saga, the flavour of mass music, the fashion – Ruddhasangeet, the spread of popular music, and the liaison with both, the singer and the person Debabrata Biswas, are all represented in this play. A journey of thirty years through the thick and thin of the artist’s life and limelight, are given the freedom of voice, the liberty of stage and a course of light. Providing and extra edge to the play is an original and rare treat involving both verbal and physical expertise.

The Director & Playwright
Bratya Basu, is an accomplished theatre artist, a playwright and director. Basu launched his career as a dramatist and director with the play Ashaleen (1996), described by theatre critics as the first post- modernist Bengali play. His noted plays (playwright, acting, direction) thereafter include Aranyadeb, Shahar Yaar, Virus-M, Winkle-Twinkle, 17th July, Chatushkon and many more. Basu has baggedmany awards and recognitions both in Theatre and Film. Some of them include Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival Award, Ritwik Ghatak Honorary Award, Kalakar Award, Shyamal Sen Memorial Award, Dishari Award, Satyen Mitra Award, Shilpayan Samman, Srestho Natya Nirman etc. Bratya
Basu, is currently Hon’ble Cabinet Minister and in charge of the Ministry of Information Technology & Electronics for the state of West Bengal. He has created his own space in contemporary theatre by moving beyond its existing boundaries. He formed his own theatre group Bratyajon in 2008.

The Group
Bratyajon was established by Bratya Basu in 2008. Apart from theatrical productions, the group is active in many associated fields. An important activity of the group is to organize an annual theatre festival. Bratyajon confers Bishnu Basu Smriti Puroskar in the loving memory of late Bishnu Basu and also organizes Bishnu Basu Memorial Lectures & Nitika Basu Memorial Lectures. Other activities include theatre publications comprising of a theatre journal and participation in the book fair. Bratyajon conducts theatre workshops for children that culminate in a stage performance.

Cast & Credits
Debabrata Biswas Debsankar Halder
Arun Debasish Roy
Bijan Bhattacharya Raktim Datta
Jyoti Basu Bishmoy Roy
Promod Dasgupta Prantik Choudhury
Nirmal Gosh Nabarun Barik
Binay Roy Prasenjit Chattopadhyay
Chorus Ranjan Dutta
Chorus Moloy Bera

Hemanga Biswas Samrat Ghatak
Rittwik Ghatak Krishnendu Dewanji
Salil Chowdhury Subrata Pathak
Subhas Mukhopadhyay Tanmay Sur
Police/Purnendu Chandranath Roy
Khokon Surojit Paul
Shambhu Mitra Billwatosh Chattopadhyay
Police/Angshu Abhijit Ghatak
Srikanta Prabir Basu
Gopesh Pradip Roy
Tushar Arindom Ghosh
Tripti Mitra Rumpi Paul
Lalita Ananya Roy
Manjusree Chaki Antara Bandopadhyay
Suchitra Mitra Sushmita Bandopadhyay
Dancer Sayeri Bhattacharya
Dancer Priyanka Chatterjee
Shila Poulami Basu
Santosh Kumar Ghosh Bratya Basu
Light Design Sudip Sanyal
Light Operation Prithiwis Rana
Set Design Soumik-Piyali
Set Making Tinku-Modon
Music Tapan Sinha
Make-up Alok Debnath
Background Score Swapan Bandopadhyay
Costume Amit Roy
Co-ordination Prithiwis Rana
Playwright & Director Shri Bratya Basu