AstroVish with Manohar Khushalani : Consequences of the Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter

Astrology with AstroVish

StageBuzz is a Lifestyle Magazine. Any thing creative, cultural, insightful that adds to your quality of life, finds its way here. So why not Astrology for those who believe in it With this webinar we begin a column on Astrology

Watch the webinar below. Vishwanath Hiremath alias AstroVish, the Astrologer, in Conversation with Manohar Khushalani on the much hyped conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter which happened on 21st Dec. 2020. This was webcast on TheStageBuzz youtube channel on 28th December 2020. Publishing it for those who havent yet watched it.

AstroVish has an infinite fascination for Lord Saturn‚óŹ Shani Dev. He would drive from Goa to Pune then Shanishinganapur carrying Honey, Oil, Bananas, Dry fruits, Mithai for his worship and has been praying every Saturday for 5 years. It all started with a book gifted to him: The Greatness of Saturn by Robert Svoboda. Deep studies of 11 years. A gifted Vedic Astrologer combines Indian Mythology, Planets and Blessing of Lord Saturn.
Radheka Shrinagesh

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