Darshak by Priyamvad

The Play

Once again they entered into the shiny yet dark…real yet dreamy…cave of love which was built with memories, sorrows and pain. When life has to pay heavily in return to the desires to live, they were in their own magical world. Her body was breathing the coldness and he thought that she is surrendering. She was there…right there… and her soul could see clearly through her body that only the body was needed by him. He always said that the soul doesn’t participate and starts to play an audience when there is this fear or doubt, only bodies are the active participants…. And that night soul did the same while the bodies reacted to the desires.

Time passed by and again they met. Her body looked sad and ugly. Still they were ready to enter the cave of love….. Again…. And so they entered. He was wearing his clothes…. Soul was an audience again…. When suddenly she uttered ….

Director’s Note

Hum jaadu ke andar the….usi tarah jaise prem aur swapn ya dukh ke andar hote hain…”

These were the lines which inspired me to work on the story and to adapt it as a play. The so called love between a man and a woman is the very manifestation of convenient desires. The entire life keeps revolving around the search for eternal love and satisfaction, both physical and spiritual, dealing with responsibilities and finally getting nowhere…..and we start living in installments. What’s going to happen when Soul is the audience or when Soul is the active player.

The Director

Sadanand Patil, began exploring the theatre in the year 1987 in Katni, Madhya Pradesh. In the year 1994, he started to work with “Rang-vidushak (Bhopal)” under the direction of the maestro Bansi Kaul and continued till 2001 with the group. In 2001, entered National School Of Drama and graduated in acting and then worked with the NSD Repertory Company for six years where he got the opportunity to explore the art under the legends like Late B.V. Karanth, Late Bhaskar Chandravarkar, Habib Tanvir, Naseeruddin Shah, Anuradha Kapur, Prasanna, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Devendra Raj Ankur, Rob Clare and many other stalwarts.

Having over two thousand performances and more than hundred plays to his credit, presently he works with Kingdom Of Dreams.

The Writer

Priyamvad is best known for his fictions in Hindi. His widely acclaimed novels include,  Ve Wahan Qaid Hain,  Parchhai Naach,  Chhutti ke Din ka Chorus  and  Dharmsthal. His collections of stories like “Khargosh” and  “Aainaghar” attracted the immediate attention of the readers and critics alike for their content and style. He has been the guiding spirit behind the last 19 Kathaakaar Sammelan Sangman. Two films, Anwar and Khargosh, were based on his short stories.

Story – Priyamvad

Direction – Sadanand Patil