Nabajyoti Bora’s Play: Hayera Jutuki Bai

Playwright: Nabajyoti Bora
Director: Moni Bordoloi
Group: Rangamancha, Assam
Language: Assamese
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins

The Play
Jetuki Bai is a character in a famous song of Late Rudra Barua. Jetuki lives in a village situated at the bank of a river and her presence is a must on every occasion. She takes responsibility of everything from weaving on the loom to singing marriage songs. Young Naren and Tileswari were in love but their parents were opposed to their relationship. Jetuki, to whom Tileswari was like her daughter, persuaded both their parents to agree to their relationship.
But Jetuki Bai has a past… When she was a young girl, Jetuki fell in love with Bolai when he came to their village for fishing. They got married. One day Bolai went somewhere for a few days and did not return. She tried to find him but there was no information of his whereabouts. Jetuki gave birth to a girl child Sonpahi. After a while there were floods in the village and she lost her child too. From then on, Jetuki started working and helping all the families of the village, and spreading the spirit of humanity among the villagers.

Director’s Note
Jetuki Bai (sister) of the river-bank village is a known name in every household of Assam. Jetuki, whose husband has been missing for long, performs all the jobs including singing, dancing and cooking in almost all the family functions of the village. Everyone is fond of her in the village because of her selfless and ever-helping attitude. Jetuki shares the agony and joy of the villagers with a desire to help them especially at the time of distress. In doing so, she faces both obstacles and acceptance. She establishes the essence of eternal love and harmony of human being.

The Director
Moni Bordoloi is a prominent actress of theatre, TV serials and films. From 1980 to 1987 she was an actress in the Mobile Theatre of Assam. She has produced 26 episodes of a sponsored serial Karagaror Diary for DDK Guwahati, under her production house Anajori Films, for which she received the best serial award from Jyotirupa Oil India Joint Media Award. She has also produced fiction and documentary films for DDK Guwahati, and PPC (NE). Mrs. Bordoloi is also a drama artist of All India Radio, Guwahati. She received the Senior Fellowship in 2017 from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. She also received the National film Award, Rajat Kamal, for the best voice-over/narration in 2012.

The Playwright
Nabajyoti Bora was born in 1978 at Marangial Gaon of Nagaon, Assam. Till date he has penned nearly twenty one-act and full length dramas. At present Bora is working as a script writer and director of Rang Channel. He has written the screenplay of serials like Dahan, Abelir Ramdhenu, Ragini and Runjun. Some of his famous one-act plays are Phatajalar Mach, Deutar Paduli Uduli Muduli, Aa Bhaba Gahana Bana, Mahakabyar Alikhita Pristha, Jot Khusura Hoi Jiwan, Thupali Godhuli Rupali Banhi, and Charialit Eti Prasnabodhak. He has also written the story and screenplay of an Assamese feature film Ajanite Mone Mone.

The Group
Rangamancha, a cultural organization, was established in the year 2000 by a group of active theatre workers. The group has staged several plays in Assam and participated in the Northeast Theatre Festival 2016 at Gangtok. Some of the group’s popular productions are Mogribor Azan,Upahar, Akal Bodhan, Ajak Jonakir Jilmil, Thikana, Upapath, Lalukxula, Moi Jen Ek Rodor Bilap, Kakhyapath, Jibanar Ramdhenu, Bhupali Godhuli Rupali Banhi and Hayera Jetuki Bai.

Cast & Credits
Hebang Upakul Bordoloi
Naren Nilutpal Baruah
Bhola Chandan Baruah
Bolai Mantu Gogoi
Boiragi Upamanyu Bordoloi
Jetuki Moni Bordoloi
Lakhimai Moon Saikia
Tileswari Atlanta Sarma
Sonpahi Barsha Gohain
Soru Jetuki Chayanika Bora

Art Direction Nuruddin Ahmed
Assistant Nilut Pal
Costume Ragini Bordoloi
Make-up Prasanta Bora
Assistant Bakul Bora
Light Design Tapan Kumar Barua
Property In-Charge Amshuman Sarma
Team Leader Ram Krishna Sarma
Music Direction Upakul Bodoloi, Yachinur Rahman

Playwright Nabajyoti Bora
Director Moni Bordoloi

Rangamancha, Guwahati
C/o Manmath Barua, House No.13,
Uttanayan Path, Eachal, Six-Mile,
Guwahati – 781022 Kamrup, Assam
M: +91 9435559404, 8638210564