Khamoshi Silli Silli 1

The Play

This play is a translation of Fiddler on the Roof written by Joseph Stein. It is a musical that deals with the displacement of communities. The story is neatly bound to the Kashmiri situation in our country. Prithvi Nath loves his daughters, and goes against the traditional norms, allowing them to marry men of their choice. Shuhul, the third daughter chooses to marry a Muslim…


Director’s Note

Going along with the central theme of the play, the contemporary situation of our society took the forefront. The final situation chosen is the plight of the Kashmiri Pandit community. This choice is to support the script with a relevant social background which can be projected on a larger canvas, and can highlight the pain and problems of the people who have been displaced from their own land.


The Director

Suresh Sharma did PG diploma with specialization in Acting from National School of Drama in 1985.

In 1987-88 he established the only non-government Repertory in the district of Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). From 1996-98 he worked as the Artistic Director of Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Delhi. In 1998 he established the first non–government fully residential Theatre Academy in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Mr. Sharma has been felicitated by Sahitya Kala Parishad. Sangeet Natak Academy awarded Mohana, a play written and directed by him, under the Young Director’s Scheme.


The Playwright

Joseph Stein (May 30, 1912 – October 24, 2010) was an American playwright best known for writing the books for the musicals Fiddler on the Roof and Zorba. His greatest success came from writing the book for the 1964 musical play Fiddler on the Roof, for which he won three major awards, including two Tonys.


The Translator

A playwright, actor and director of great repute, Asif Ali Haider Khan obtained a PG diploma with specialization in Acting from Nation School of Drama. Later, he worked with NSD Repertory Company as an actor for many years. He received the Sangeet Natak Academy’s Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for playwriting in the year 2006. Currently, he is teaching Modern Indian Drama at National School of Drama, New Delhi.


The Group

Established in 1964 with only four members, the Repertory Company is the regular performing wing of the School. It was set up with the dual purposes of establishing professional theatre on one hand and continuing with regular experimental work on the other.


Cast & Credits

Prithvinath Zutshi             Shanawaz Khan

Jungaash                              Shruti Mishra/ Sampa Mandal

Shuhul                                  Aparajita Dey

Sheen                                    Sukhinjeet Kaur

Nonika                                  Rukmini  Sircar

Himaal                                  Aparna Menon

Didda                                    Bornali Borah

Leelawati                             Sampa Mandal/ Shruti Mishra

Shambhunath                     Deep Kumar

Gaffara                                  Sikandra Kumar

Bakshi Singh (Kimma)      Rajib Kalita

Brijlal                                     Niranjan Nath / Raju Roy

Rajguru                                 Dhutadmal Ravi Babasaheb

Policeman                             Vivek Emmaneni

Somnath                                Mazibur Rehman

Badrinath                              Naveen Singh Thakur

Paadshah                              Siddheshwar Kashinath Thorat

Makkhan Lal                        Raghvendra Pratap Singh

Krishanpir                            Mahendra Singh

Firdous                                  Mohan Lal Sagar

Grandmother                      Shruti Mishra / Sampa Mandal

Chorus                                  Moti Lal Khare, Abdul Kadir Shah,

                                               Naveen Singh Thakur, Md.Suleman,

                                               Dharam Singh Bisht, Naresh Kumar,

                                               Mazibur Rehman

                                               Bijja Aparna Menon

Male                                     Naveen Singh Thakur

Male-1                                 Naresh Kumar

Male-2                                 Mazibur Rehman

Kukka                                  Raju Roy/Niranjan Nath

Woman-1                            Sukhinjeet Kaur

Woman-2                           Shruiti Mishra / Sampa Mandal

Male-1                                 Dharam Singh Bisht

Male-2                                 Pradeep Aggarwal


Set Design                                    Bansi Kaul

Set, Props Execution                 Rajesh Bahl

Set Execution                              Ram Pratap, Dharam Singh, Manoj Kumar

Light Design & Operation        Govind Singh Yadav

Assistance                                    Md. Suleman, Pradeep Aggarwal

Costume Design                         Kirti V. Sharma

Assistance                                   Pushpa Vishwakarma

Costume in-charge                    Budh Ram

Chief Costume Coordinator    C.S. Bhatia

Assistance                                   Parvati Bisht

Sound Operation                       Mukesh Kumar

Sound & Music Recording       S. Manoharan, Subhanjan

Property Design                         Suresh Sharma

Property in-charge                    Motilal Khare

Music                                           Kajal Ghosh

Tabla & Dholak                         Om Prakash

Octopad                                      Narender Kumar

Harmonium                              Naveen Singh Thakur

Tumbkh                                      Feroz Ahmed

Rabab                                          Gulam Qadir

Gara                                             Fearoq Ahmed

Sarangi                                        Syed Yaseen

Kashmiri Diction                       Ashwath Bhatt

Dance Classes                            Sonal Modi Vorah

Choreography                            Norbu Tshering

Make-up                                      Raju Roy, Shruti Mishra

Assistance All Repertory Artists


Playwright                     Joseph Stein

Translator                    Asif Ali Haider Khan

Director                          Suresh Sharma