Kevin Duvall and Taylor Brewerton’s Play: Live Nukes

Playwrights & Directors: Kevin Duvall & Taylor Brewerton
Group: The Central Scrutinizers, USA
Language: English
Duration: 1 hr

The Play
When two boorish government lackeys working in a nuclear facility accidentally launch a nuclear weapon into the stratosphere, the chase is on! The mismatched duo’s quest to save the world from nuclear annihilation hurls them from a decrepit bunker, down a sketchy roadside, through the clouds, and down to the very depths of Hell itself. Their journey, of course, culminates in a valiant duel against the king of demons. This critically-renowned screwball comedy has toured across America in 2019, and has been hailed as a “master-class in mime and physical comedy”. Live Nukes! is a truly international play, performed without the use of props, set, or real words of any kind!

Director’s Note
We believe that theatre can be a universal art form. When we began working on what would become Live Nukes!, we set a few strict rules for ourselves in the hope of creating a performance which could be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their native language or national origin. The rules were as follows: no props, no set, and no real words. Chicago is a city of immigrants, and in order to bridge the real gap that exists between the theatre community and Chicago’s very diverse population, we needed to make a comedy which transcended language and culture. In the spirit of silent cinema, tinted with the apocalyptic concerns of our contemporary political climate, we devised a play which, we hope, will poke fun at our increasingly-grim global outlook.

The Directors
Kevin Duvall and Taylor Brewerton are a physical theatre duo who have been collaborating as actors, directors, and writers for over a decade. Together they have developed work in myriad theatrical forms, from a devised farce, to an adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s short story The Prophet’s Hair, the high tragedies of Shakespeare and Euripides, environmentalist game shows, and beyond. They have performed at many venues across the United States and Canada. Kevin and Taylor both hold Masters from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. They are honoured to be given the opportunity to present their wordless, absurdist pantomime Live Nukes! at the Bharat Rang Mahotsav.

The Group
The Central Scrutinizers is not a theatre group in the traditional sense, but is an ensemble of a duo, Kevin Duvall and Taylor Brewerton who collaborate on script, performance and direction.

Cast & Credits
Performers & Directors Kevin Duvall & Taylor Brewerton

The Central Scrutinizers
1517 W Hollywood Ave, Chicago, IL
United States- 60660
M: +1 8048373327