Arun Yumkham’s Play: Turel Wangmada

Playwright: Arun Yumkham
Director: H. Shatananda Sharma
Group: Raag Tarang Mandal, Imphal
Language: Manipuri
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins

The Play
Desperately seeking her lost spouse, a woman reaches the bank of a river. She wants to cross the river and reach the other side. A weird boatman in a strange boat ferries her across. On the other side of the river, an occultist is performing the rites of necromancy, invoking dead souls. The woman asks the sorcerer to call upon the spirit of her lost husband. The sorcerer agrees and the spirit appears. The woman tries to talk to the spirit of her spouse, but the spirit accuses her of being unchaste, and walks away to the eternal path of dead. The woman tries to drown herself but the boatman saves her. He points his finger to the golden rays of a new day in the eastern sky.

Director’s Note
In the future is an era of chaos, a catastrophic atmosphere where unpredictability is lurking everywhere. Chastity of women is a commodity. People are machines in a decaying state of sparsely populated society. In the hearts of humans, memory and pangs of separation burn like a hellish flame. Lust is not quenched even by the physical state of men and women. They are at their ugliest, maimed and tortured. Yesterday’s truth is no longer the same because of the situation created by the unexpected, drastic changes.

The Director
Hanjabam Shatananda Sharma received training from his father in the field of traditional performing art forms (Courtyard Theatre). He learned various forms of Manipuri Dance from his aunt H. Aruna Devi (MSPA Awardee). In the field of theatre he received training from Late M. Surshen (NSD Alumnus). Under his guidance he researched on body motion and movement in the theatre for three years in FFLT. He got the opportunity to interact with FFLT director, Lokendra Arambam, participate in theatre workshops and play productions as an artist along with MC. Thoiba (Director BRT) and Shree N. Tiken (Musicologist). After a long theatrical journey Shri Sharma began his new ventures as a director.

The Playwright
Arun Yumkham, is a playwright who has been associated with various theatre groups and artists, musicians and dancers of the state. He has published two books of poetry collection in English and also a novel. He has written more than 100 radio drama scripts for educational programmes of SCERT, Manipur. Currently he is working as the Assistant Editor (Design) in local news daily Ireibak.

The Group
Raag Tarang Mandal was established in 1980 at Imphal East district of Manipur by Smt. Hanjabam Aruna Devi. Since its inception the organisation has been undertaking various cultural activities for the presentation and revival of the indigenous system of rare art forms including Manipuri folk dance and music, with its own resources. Under the leadership of H. Shatananda Sharma, a group of young talented artists, well-trained in various performing art forms, are producing stage plays for the last 10 years. The group’s play Turel Wangmada was invited to participate at the Abhinya National Theatre Festival at Hyderabad in the month of August-2016. The play has also participated in Folk Narative Art and Kangla Theatre Marathon 2017 at Uchiwa, Manipur and received the Best Director Award and bagged four awards in different categories. The organisation has been offering training courses, demonstration of Manipur classical and traditional art forms and its allied arts.

Cast &Credits
On stage N. Lokeshwor, Ch. Basanta, Th. Roshan, W. Amarjit, M. Momocha,
L. Ananta Kumar, M. Captain, L. Birjit, H. Jamuna Devi

Stage & Setting W. Amarjit / Ch. Basanta
Costume & Make-up Arun Yumkham / Ch. Thanbi
Light Design A. Madan Sharma
Music Assistant H. Shreedhar

Playwright Arun Yumkham
Music, Design & Direction H. Shatananda Sharma

Director, Raag Tarang Mandal
Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, Imphal
Manipur- 795005
M: +91 9774214817