Ek Safar Parvaton Ke Aage by Gabriel Cousin

The Play
Journey to the Mountain Beyond is based on a Japanese folklore, dramatized by Gabriel Cousin and opened in Paris in 1965. The play talks about the idiosyncrasies of the living conditions, as they still exist, in the so called under-developed countries, and the theme of hunger is introduced as a disparity to the a la mode scenario confronting mankind. This play was reckoned rather as a kind of a dramatic narrative. The self-destruction of O Rin in the play is shown as an exemplary idealism; refusing to accept degradation, but retaining control of her fate, and dying by a deliberate act of will.

Director’s Note
Like always, the whole process started with four-month long classes with the first year students. In the beginning it never seemed feasible to come up to this point. The faith and the mutual co-operation is always the uniting cause for us. I found the shades of sensibility that my students have, and how deply they are connected with the cause and in a singularity. The play deals with a grave issue and is a universal appeal making the whole understanding process very challenging and way too imaginative. Pallav Singh, 2 nd year acting student, translated the English text as the rehearsals went on. Rather than a director’s creation it is a collaborative output of the students. It is very overwhelming for me to think about their emotional attachment and efforts towards the play. I would like to express
my gratitude to Prof. Waman Kendre, Director NSD, for always prioritizing the effort of the students, and including this production in the 8 th Theatre Olympics.

The Director
Dinesh Khanna graduated from the National School of Drama in 1986 and is currently an Associate Professor of Acting in NSD, Delhi. He is more of an artist than a director. He lives for his art and considers actors as a prominent tool of his creation. His passion for acting and its deeper understanding helps him to get the best out of them. The habit of voracious reading helps him to find untouched and divine topics to deal with. Staying far away from limelight, Dinesh has mastered various methodologies of acting, which eventually help his actors to flourish aesthetically. His
production on Jim Morrison was highly acclaimed. Most of his creations have travelled across the continents.

The Playwright
Gabriel Cousin, born onJuly7,1918atDroué in theLoir-et-Cher, and died on February 19th,2010inGrenoble, was a Frenchpoet andplaywright.He is the author of some 35 books including about fifteenplays and twenty books of poetry.

The Group
National School of Drama is one of the foremost theatre training institutions in the world, and the only one of its kind in India. Training in the School is highly intensive and is based on a thorough, comprehensive, carefully planned syllabus which covers every aspect of theatre, and in which theory is related to practice. As a part of their training, students are required to produce plays which are then performed before the public.

Cast & Credits
Sutradhar Puneet, Anirban, Utsav
O Rin Devika, Smriti, Ketaki, Rita, Sugandh Madhu
Tappei Saquib, Saurabh, Aamir, Vikash, Navdeep, Bobo

Shino Nikita
Kisakichi Meenu, Masood, Paalin
Fumiko Shilpa, Bhakti
Tamyan Silpi, Ipsita
Children Payal, Silpi
Ikomo Tribhuvan
Ikomos’ Son Meenu
Gramin Bhuneshwar, Tribhuvan, Payal, Silpi, Meenu, Bhakti
Set & Costume Design Rajesh Bahl
Light Guidance Govind Yadav
Light Design Anirban & Nikita
Sound Design Masood & Paalin
Make-up Smriti & Sugandh
Brochure/Poster Tribhuvan, Nikita, Menu, Anirban & Bhakti
Costumes Assistance Saurabh, Ketaki & Sugandh
Set Assistance Navdeep, Bhuneshwar, Bobo, Ipsita, Madhu Meenu, Payal, Utsav
Floor Manager Vikash, Nikita
Stage Manager Saquib
Song Puneet, Rita, Devika, Utsav & Silpi
Playwright Gabriel Cousin
English Translation Gretchen R. Besser
Hindi Translation Pallav Singh
Direction Dinesh Khanna