Sunil Grover, the outrageously, irrepressible match to Kapil Sharma

By Sunil Sarpal

Sunil Grover is the most versatile comedian to have graced The Kapil Sharma Show.  There is a Hindi song which depicts his aura:


When he is on view, all other actors hide behind him.  The eyes are glued to him till the time he departs. 

He brings about such a charismatic approach that his aura becomes larger than life.  On the Kapil Sharma Show, the most revered actor was Sunil Grover.  In his presence, sometimes, even Kapil Sharma took a back seat. 

How a meaningless spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, on a flight back from Australia resulted in Sunil withdrawing from the show.  His absence from the show was then felt by the audience.  His replacement, Krushna, was nowhere near a match to his talent. 

On the Kapil Sharma show, Sunil first played the character of Guthi and then Dr Mashoor Gulati.  His portrayal of both the characters was unique and audience realised his comic potential.  His acting brings in new flavour to the audience.  His sense of comic timing, dialogue delivery, attire and the pregnant pauses that he takes, before delivering the punch line, makes him a very special comedian.  He simply tickles the funny bone of the audience.  Sunil has portrayed the characters of Amitabh Bachchan,  Kapil Dev, and Sidhu with distinction.  He also played many a characters with a style of his own and left the audience in splits.  Sunil is also capable of copying the voice patterns of a number of actors.  He is simply a gifted pro. 

When Amitabh Bachchan was first launched as an actor, he was tagged as an Angry Young Man.  The writers then used to write scripts to suit his image and movies were made where Amitabh invariably played the character of the Angry Man.  Amitabh’s success story on big screen was possible with his  image.   Similarly, now scripts have to be written keeping in mind Sunil Grover as a comedy actor.  His extra ordinary comedy skills could be given further boost so that Sunil’s potential is harnessed fully. Watch one more of his charades below:

Film Review: Good Newwz / Neelam Jain


Good Newwz is a light-hearted comic escapade with Akshay Kumar- Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh-Kiara Advani as two sets of married couples trying to have a baby through IVF (in vitro-fertilization).  The two couples, from opposite ends of the cultural spectrum, have their fates entangled through the ovaries of two wannabe-moms and their shared family name: Batra. Though simplistic, the film’s quota of things between human forte and foible makes it relatable in places.

Akshay and Kareena as Varun and Dipti Batra, are a high-flying swish couple in Mumbai, who after failed attempts at parenthood are advised by family to visit an expensive fertility clinic. Enter Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and Monika (Kiara Advani) from Chandigarh. After some mis-conceptions, and literal ones, they too land up in Mumbai in the same IVF centre, hoping to go back with Good Newwz.  They bring with them their clichéd, but endearing Punjabi earthiness from the land of “pinnies made by mom.”

The fertility clinic is run by another doctor- couple, ably played by Adil Hussian and Tisca Chopra, who claim a high rate of Good Newwz emanating from their centre. Voila! Both the women are successfully impregnated at the IVF clinic. But their joy has a short run as they are informed by the poker-faced doctor that the sperms of the two males got exchanged with the wrong wives. The goof-up is because of their shared family name. Now begins the rollicking comedy of errors.

Akshay Kumar is refreshing in this comedy after a spate of social-messaging roles. His comedy timing is spot on. Middle-aged executive in a car selling company, Akshay as Varun Batra has a trying time when his journalist wife Dipti is crazy to catch her ovulating time to conceive. He comes across as a caring, sometimes detached husband who is baffled at the need to have a baby to perpetuate genes.

The film deals with a topical issue of IVF babies, though it is only secondary to the story. At one point Akshay even comments that it is an interesting time when parents can just sit back at home and get a baby from an IVF centre. Debutante director Raj Mehta and co-writer Jyoti Kapoor have come up with racy humor, it being best as a comedy without getting pedantic about any issue. While grazing on the bigger issue of stressful lifestyle being a hurdle in normal conception, as also the social pressure to produce babies, the film keeps you engaged in the confusion of the two couples with exchanged sperms, or ‘spams’ as referred to by the simple Honey from Chandigarh.  You wonder along with them how the conundrum will be resolved.

The content of the film is not as vital as the way it is narrated that makes Good Newwz eminently watchable. A laughter-riot, the film is risqué but never teeters on the offensive. The pace is maintained till the end, as is expected from a film co-produced by Karan Johar.  I would certainly recommend it to all looking for some good humour – a rarity in Bollywood films. Good Newwz, the last Bollywood film to be released in 2019, was a befitting au revoir to the last year and continued laughter in the new.