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Manohar Khushalani Ed

In Conclusion of ‘Utility of Honesty in Trade’

My late Father Shri Kimatrai Baharmal Khushalani son of Baharmal Rijhumal Khushalani was my first Guru. He was not highly religious but was spiritually inclined, hard working and led a principled life. He inculcated high moral values in all of us. He taught me Yoga. I still remember how he could do Mayur Asan even at the age of 72 – something that I have not mastered to this day. At a time when girls were not educated he gave my sisters the highest Education. He taught me and my brother how to swim by tying a sealed tin canister to our bodies and pushing us  into the Godavari river in Hyderabad, where he was posted at that time. On every Diwali we did the traditional Lakshmi Puja, that was the only day in the whole year he wanted us to be at home on time. We did the Puja (Prayer Ceremony) using a Gold Medal which my father had won in an All India Contest in 1934 for writing an essay on the Topic: ‘Utility of Honesty in Trade’ . An amazing essay which very logically proves that being honest is not only a virtue, but also a practical way to a successful business career. This issue we conclude the 16 part series of the essay which I published as a homage to my first Teacher – My father. I urge all the readers to read the entire essay while starting with the preface and using the right arrow at the bottom to scroll through all the parts. They will find the treatise highly enlightening.

Manohar Khushalani