Chetana, Kolkata

Chetana was founded in 1972. It has produced 33 full-length Plays and 13 short Plays in its journey of 46 years. Chetana received numerous awards and citation from various cultural institutions. It has organised a number of Theatre Festivals, Seminars and Workshops etc., and performed in all the districts of West Bengal and in almost all the major cities of India. Chetana has staged different plays in the Theatre Festivals organised by the National School of Drama and Sangeet Natak Akademi. It has toured USA and Canada with its productions in 1980 and 1990. Chetana performed Mareech Sanbad in Bourdeaux (France) in 1999. Sponsored by the ICCR it took part in the Ibsen International Theatre Festival held in Oslo (Norway) in 2004 and performed in London (UK) the same year.

Sri Shivakumara Rangaprayoga, Chitradurga

Sri Shivakumara Rangaprayoga Shale is a residential theatre school established in 2008. The course is backed by 25 years of experience of Kalashangha and 15 years of the Shivasanchara Theatre repertory. This school is designed in the Gurukula system, with a broad syllabus adapted from the best theatre institutions of the country.

Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

In 1989, a subsidiary course on Theatre was instituted directly under the supervision of the Dean of Arts at the University of Dhaka. A similar course on Music was instituted in 1992, also under the Dean of Arts. These two separate units were brought together in August 1994 and named Department of Theatre and Music.

Now after some administrative and pedagogic transformation the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies sets its educational and artistic criteria that envisions to produce Graduates and Postgraduates through its praxis in context of local, regional and global histories, trends, aesthetics and politics.

Remembrance Theatre Group, Kerala

Campus theatre personnel of NSS Engineering College, Palakkad and theatre artists from various districts of Kerala founded Remembrance Theatre Group (RTG) in 2003. It has participated in festivals like Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, Bharat Rang Mahotsav, PRD Festival, KSNA Festival, Keli Theatre Festival, Prithvi Theatre Mumbai, 8th Theatre Olympics 2018, and Ochre Theatre Festival, Canberra, Australia. RTG is actively performing in Trichur, Calicut, Bangalore, Doha, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Australia. It has an ensemble of plays like Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, Jean Genet’s Balcony, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Sasidharan Naduvil’s Pithalasalabham, and N S Madhavan’s Higuita.

Prague Shakespeare Company, Czeh Republic

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, the award-winning Prague Shakespeare Company presents professional theatre productions, workshops, classes, lectures and other theatrical events of the highest quality, conducted primarily in English by a multinational ensemble of professional theatre artists, with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare. Celebrating its 11th year, PSC has entertained, enriched, enlightened and inspired students and audiences not only in the Czech Republic but in the United States, Hungary, France, Egypt, Qatar, the Netherlands and elsewhere around the world with performances that are fresh, bold, imaginative, thought-provoking, and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today.

Circle Theatre Company, Delhi

Formed in 2002, under the leadership of Bapi Bose, Circle Theatre staged its first production in the 4th Bharat Rang Mahotsav (the International Theatre Festival of NSD). All its productions have excelled in terms of artistic quality, expression and social message. It has been awarded by the Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Govt. of NCT Delhi; and has participated in Bharat Rang Mahotsav and its Satellite Theatre Festival in Kolkata, and also in the 8th Theatre Olympics held in India. Circle Theatre has a library of over a thousand books and journals on theatre, and has been regularly engaged in organizing training programs and other theatre activities.

Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal

The Chorus Repertory Theatre was established in the valley of Manipur, a small hill state in the easternmost part of India, in April 1976 under the able and dynamic guidance of Ratan Thiyam. Located on the outskirts of Imphal, Manipur’s capital city, Chorus Repertory Theatre’s two acre campus has been slowly built (and six times rebuilt after disastrous monsoons) to accommodate a self-sufficient way of life with housing and working quarters for the company. It is now an important regional and national centre for contemporary theatre.  On its 25th anniversary, the company dedicated its first permanent theatre called ‘The Shrine’, a 200 seat auditorium conceived and designed by Ratan Thiyam with space for set construction and storage.

Rangakarmee, Kolkata

Established in 1976 with a small set-up, Rangakarmee today spearheads the Hindi theatre in Kolkata with 43 productions in its repertoire. Rangakarmee has performed not only in India but also in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany and USA.

NSD Repertory Company, New Delhi

Established in 1964 with only four members, the Repertory Company is the regular performing wing of the School. It was set up with the dual purposes of establishing professional theatre on one hand and continuing with regular experimental work on the other.

Dynamic Platform, Bhubaneshwar

Being established as a contemporary theatre group in 2015, Dynamic Platform, has been producing plays since 2013. It was started with a mission to encourage the creative young talent by using theatre as a tool with systematic practice and training. The group has produced many significant plays and has participated in state as well as national theatre festivals such as International Peoples’ Theatre Festival of Natya Chetana, Panchamveda, and Arohan. The group also organises children’s theatre workshops to promote their creative potential and expression.