Paikpara Indraranga, Kolkata

Indraranga was renamed Paikpara Indraranga in 2012. Ekdin Aladin is our fifth production since then, after Nishshanga Samrat, Arabya Rajani, Awdyo Sesh Rajani and Banijye Basate Lakshmi. Our six-year journey in the world of group theatre has been one of ups and downs. It was a learning experience, for it taught us the philosophy and introspection of the art of theatre.

Nazarov’s Workshop Institute of Theatre Arts, Russia

Artem Nazarov’s Workshop is a community of young, talented actors who have just graduated from the Institute of Theatre Art. The artists are experienced in acting on different type of stages, from small rooms to big auditoriums and also street stages. The group has six different plays in its repertoire and is always ready to play for charity. The actors annually take part in the festival of theatre schools of the BRIC countries, in performances by Valentin Teplyakov. These artists are young, ambitious, and most importantly, in love with Theatre.

Naye Natua, Kolkata

Naye Natua, a theatre troupe of Kolkata, has around 40 young talented actors, dancers and musicians, including casual and regular artists who are working tirelessly throughout the year. The group has performed in USA (New Jersey, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego, Kansas, Nashville, Washington etc.), Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary – Alberta), Oman (Muscat), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Kuwait, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Assam, Kolkata, West Bengal and many other places.

Mailorang Repertory, Delhi

Mailorang Repertory, Delhi was founded in 2005 with the aim to preserve the essence of cultural heritage and diversity of Mithila region amongst the people living in NCR. Since then it had served the objective of promoting the regional art and culture such as Natua-naach, rasanchowki, kirtaniya etc. This group has presented more than 60 plays within the country and also in neighbouring states like Nepal. Several renowned artists have been associated with Mailorang with the sole objective of promoting art and culture. The plays presented by the group have been appreciated worldwide.

Sri Idagunji Mahaganapati Yakshgana Mandali, Keremane, Karnataka

Yakshagana is a rare 500 year old operative art form which belongs to our rich Indian heritage originating in Karnataka. It is a combination of dance, drama, music, dialogues and stories taken from Indian epics and mythology. Sri Idagunji Mahaganapati Yakshagana Mandali, Keremane® was established in 1934 by my grandfather Shri Keremane Shivarama Hegde. This Mandali is a non-profit NGO, and the performing unit of our organization has toured extensively in India and abroad i.e. USA, England, Spain, Bahrain, France, China etc. Many awards and recognitions have been conferred to the Mandali from all over the world, the prestigious ‘Raja Mansingh Tomar Award’ conferred by MP Govt. being the most recent i.e. last year.

Theatre Tatkal, Bangalore

Theatre Tatkal is a group of artists active in both theatre and audio-visual media. Theatre Tatkal has set out with a mission of producing plays of excellent artistic merit. The group comprises of professionally trained theatre artists, television actors, film artists, musicians, painters, writers, directors and intellectuals. Theatre Tatkal has produced Shakespeare Manege Banda, written by Prof. Natraj Huliyar, and Nanna Tangigondu Gandu Kodi written by P. Lankesh. Kola written by Mahesh Elkunchwar, translated by Nandhini K.R. and Prashanth Hiremut, and directed by well-known actor Achyutha Kumar is the group’s latest play.

Kasba Arghya, Kolkata

Kasba Arghya is a group of creative theatre workers who have been engaged in various theatre activities for the past 27 years. Since its inception the group has worked to preserve its connection with the country’s ethnic roots and has done extensive work on folk dances, folklores and traditional theatre forms of the country under the guidance of eminent theatre director Manish Mitra. It also runs a child repertory with deprived and slum children of Kolkata. The group has travelled globally and the productions Urubhangam and Macbeth Badya have gained international repute. Kasba Arghya’s work with Sanskrit plays is very significant. All Arghya productions are accompanied by live music played by a very efficient group of musicians.

Sri Venkateswara Surabhi Theatre, Hyderabad

Surabhi Theatre was established in 1885 at Surabhi village in the Kadapa District. It was invited by the Passages 2013 Festival Committee for performances in the cities of Metz and Paris in France, with 50 artists and technicians for a period of 35 days, and coordinated by Alliance Françoise, Hyderabad. French Minister for Culture, Aurélie Filipetti came to watch the play Bhakta Prahlada. The Hon’ble Mayor, Metz France, honoured Surabhi Babji with a gold medal. Now the children belonging to the 7th generation will be performing the play Mayabazaar.

CentreStage Productions, Sri Lanka

CentreStage Productions is an amateur theatre troupe founded in 2001 by Jehan Aloysius, in order to produce and promote original theatre in Sri Lanka. Its productions are regularly studied in local universities, and several scripts have been nominated for Sri Lanka’s highest literary award, The Gratiaen Prize. Its ground-breaking ‘mix-able’ productions of An Inspired Swan Lake and Nutcracker (which have been featured on CNN and the BBC), combined soldiers who had lost limbs in the recently concluded ethnic war, with hearing impaired and mentally challenged performers who were all trained and choreographed by Jehan Aloysius.

Chetla Krishti Sansad, Kolkata

Chetla Krishti Sansad was established in 1985 for the welfare of children, and with the dream of making a social change by giving expression to the thoughts of down-trodden children through theatre. Till date it has staged more than 40 productions and has received rave reviews. Now, the group has extended to a large family; the ones who started their journey as child artists in the group have now grown up to mature theatre workers. In addition to children’s welfare, the group is now equipped with productions by adults. Although the group is run only by donation and meager financial support from the common people, without any Government or non-Government sponsorship, the determination and discipline of our theatre workers give us the hope to change the mode of life through theatre.