Mayee Ree Main Kaa Se Kahun Directed By Ajay Kumar

Maaye Re Main Ka Se



Mayee Ree Main Kaa Se Kahun… profiles the position of women in a social setting beset with male chauvinism. It brings to the fore the conflicts between women’s assertion of their rights and dynamics of a society which is conceived to deny those rights. The confrontation of tall claims of the collective order with the actual state of affairs underlines women’s struggle to live a life of dignity and decency negated by a patriarchal frame of Indian communities.

Driven by a lust to earn more and more money, a newly-wed trader shifts to town for five years abandoning his young wife. A ghost, enchanted by the youthful beauty of the innocent girl, could not resist making use of this opportunity to be with her. The ghost gets himself morphed into the persona of the trader and settles with the girl as her husband. The girl’s innocence wins over the ghost and he reveals everything before her about his deceits and deception. The girl is torn between the pure love of a ghost and the ritual of a relation with an uncaring man. She accepts the ghost. Her choice is threatened as the real husband comes back. The whole social setting goes uproarious and order is in place only when the ghost is annihilated by a primitive reasoning by a shepherd.


The Director

A graduate of National School of Drama, Ajay Kumar is best known for his katha-gayan-vachan (story telling) style. In this venture, he relies on various elements of traditional theatre of the country. Using narrative music as a device that helps to underline the theme and develop the dramatic conflict. On-stage make-up and steps from pandwaani, bidesiya, bhaandgiri, swaang and other folk forms find very innovative integration into his explorations.