Thespians honoured ceremoniously at Natsamrat Theater Awards 2023

Renowned Theatre Personalities of the country were honoured by Natsamrat. Like every year, this year also the 15th Natsamrat Theatre Award was organized, in which 12 theatre artists of the country were honoured by Natsamrat. Natsamrat’s director Shyam Kumar has always believed that it is a matter of pride for us to honour those who give their whole life to theatre.

This year the Best Writer Award was given to Dr. Harisuman Bisht, Best Director Satyabrata Rout, Best Actor Amit Saxena, Best Actress Rekha Johri, Best Backstage (Lighting) Souti Chakraborty, Best Critic Kamlesh Bhartiya, Theater Promoter Dayal Krishna Nath. Lifetime
Achievement Award was given to Daya Prakash Sinha, Dr.Jaidev Taneja, Diwan Singh Bajeli, R.K. Dhingra and Bharat Ratna Bhargava. All the honored personnel were given the Natsamrat Samman by Sh. R.K.Singh (former M.P.) and (Eminent Writer) Sh.Surendra Verma.

After the award ceremony the play Kadwa Sach was staged, by a troupe from Assam and the director of this play was Dayal Krishna Nath.

Mr. RK Sinha said that it is a big thing in itself that
an organization has been promoting this genre for 15 years and has been honoring the artistes, for this Natsamrat’s director Shyam Kumar deserves congratulations. Dr. Jaidev Taneja said that Shyam Kumar’s contribution to Hindi theater is commendable. The entire festival took place on 12 March 2023 at 6:30 pm at Muktdhara Auditorium, Gol Market, New Delhi and entry was free.

Natsamrat Natya Utsav 2023, Opens 4th March

Keeping up with it’s two decades old tradition, the 20th Natsamrat Natya Utsav is going to be inaugurated this weekend

Natsamrat is going to organize 20th Natsamrat Natya Utsav which will be held on 4th, 5th
and 12th March 2023 at Muktdhara Auditorium, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, Gol Market, New Delhi.

Like every year, this year too many plays are going to be staged on one stage, where the audience will be able to enjoy the plays of different provinces free of cost.

Three plays will be staged on March 4. The first play” Teen Bandar” written by Prabudh
Joshi & directed by Nagendra Kr. Sharma, which is a presentation of Ambala (Haryana) will be staged at 4:00 PM. The next performance is “Birsa Munda” written by Sanjay Bhasin & directed by Vikas Sharma at 6:00 PM and this is the performance of Kurukshetra (Haryana). On the same evening at 8:00 pm, the drama of Delhi will be presented “Chukayenge Nahi” written by Dario Fo, adaptation by Amitabh Srivastava & directed by Chader Shekhar Sharma.

The next day on March 5 at 4:00 pm the Play “Bali” written by Girish Karnad & directed
by Vashisth Upadhyay will be staged. At 6:30 pm, The Play “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahen” written by Ashish Kotwal & directed by Shyam Kumar will be performed.

On March 12, Assam will present the play “Kadwa Sachh” written by Kushal Deka & directed by Dayal Krishna Nath.

Along with this, Natsamrat is going to organize it’s 15th Natsamrat Theater Award in which Theatre Personalities will be honored in eight different genres.

This year the best writer award is being given to Harisuman Bisht, the best director is Satyabrata Rout, the actor award is going to Amit Saxena and actress Rekha Johri, award for Backstage (Lights) is going to Souti Chakraborty and Critic is Dr. Kamlesh Bharti, Theater Promoter Award is
going to Dayal Krishan Nath and Lifetime Achievement Award is being given to
Bharatratna Bhargava. This grand finale will be organized on March 12 at 6:00 pm at Muktdhara Auditorium and the entry for the entire theatrical festival is free.

Cricket Teams of the World – West Indies

By Sunil Sarpal

West Indies Winners and Warriors

Posting this historical article a day after in the INDIA vs West Indies, Women’s T20 World Cup match, India beat West Indies by 6 wickets!

That is the see-saw battle of this game. That’s what makes it so interesting. There came a phase in the history of men’s cricket when all the cricket playing nations boasted of 2-3 genuinely quick and skillful bowlers in their line up.  The very sight of these bowlers was intimidating  because they were possessing such a variety in their repertoire which even the most accomplished batsmen could not withstand.   It took the game of cricket to altogether different level.  These quickies were always on the throat of the batsman so that the hapless batsman had no respite.  The 6 ft plus barging in from the boundary line with red cherry in hand can lead to shiver down the spine of a batsman.   How can a batsman face, put aside, withstand, barrage of bouncers one after the other.  This was some sort of suicide type of cricket facing these quickies with 150 plus speed.  

West Indies had an unbelievable line-up consisting of 

Malcom Marshal

Joel Garner

Any Roberts

Michael Holding

Croft etc. etc. 

Pakistan’s challenge rests with Cap. Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis.

Australia had the fearsome duo of Deniss Lillee and Jeffery Thompson. 

England spearheads were Ian Botham and Wills. 

New Zealand had the services of undisputed talented Sir Richard Hadlee and Chatfield. 

India too had Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar.  

When we talk of competition, West Indies were undisputed champs, head and shoulders above in pace and variations.  On the face of their battery of fast bowlers, other teams were found just chockers.  They ruled the cricket world like roaring lions and their roar was deafning and debilitating for the opposition.  West Indies Team was studded with charismatic individuals either with bat or ball.  Their line-up challenged all the teams in their own den and humiliated them like never before. They made mockery of opposition on the field of cricket and tasted them dust.  

The line-up of West Indies team was :-


They were all stars in their chosen field.  Perhaps in the history of cricket, such a combination of batsmen and bowlers never got together in unison.  

It was their captain Clive Lloyd who for the first time in the history of cricket introduced 4-pronged fast bowling attack.  It paid rich divident  to West Indies so that they ruled the world over a decade or so.  

Indian cricket on a high

By Sunil Sarpal

Image: meravote

Indian Cricket is on a high these days.  Winning one tournament after another has now become a routine feature for India.   Bringing in just the bench strength to take on the likes of New Zealand team is a milestone that the world is watching with total disbelief.  The just concluded 3-match series in 50-over format against New Zealand has left them shaken and outclassed.  

The highlight of the Indian Team is that we have discovered one Surya Kumar Yadav whose range of shots takes the game to a altogether different level.  As if he just descended from MARS.  The short form of his name too is SKY.  He hits good balls disdainly  and one can imagine the treatment meted out to bad balls.  He plays all over with straight bat, horizontal bat, scoop, lap shot and what not.  It is just amazing to see the range of shots he has in his arsenal.  Bowlers are often left in a mad like situation when up against SKY.

We consider the other legends too, but he is the greatest, head and shoulders above them.  His heroics are unparalleled and the whole cricket fraternity is singing his songs. 

Opposition too is applauding his batting feat and some kind of relief rends the air when he departs.  Then the contest between bat and ball starts anew.

The ‘rotation policy’ has brought in all the bench strength into play, particularly bowlers.  

India’s fast bowling strength is unbelievably amazing.  We have Bhuvi, Arshdweep, Siraj, Bumrah, Shami, Pandya.  They certainly have an edge over Umran Mallik and many more.  

In batting, the resurgence of Virat Kohli has given new dimension to batting as well.  With the likes of Rohit, Ishaan Kishan, Surya, Gill, Rahul, Iyer are all in-form batters and rarin-to-go.  

Amongst allrounders,  Hardik, Ravinder Jadeja, Ashwin, Shardur Thakur, Axar Patel, to name a few.  

Among spinners, Kuldeep Yadav, Ashwin, Chchahal and many more. 

Indian fielding standard is second to none.  With the intro of YOYO test as pre-requisite, every player has to maintain high-class fitness so as to survive and establish his position in the side.  

We, in cricket, has reached a stage when others look up to us to emulate the feat and plan their own cricket strategy.  

The meteoric rise of a Superstar

By Sunil Sarpal

His Bollywood journey started from a bench in a Mumbai park.  He left his marketing job in Calcutta to migrate to Mumbai so as to try his luck in acting.  In Mumbai, he had to share accommodation with other aspirants. 

Once sitting on the bench, he was deeply engrossed in thought process as to how his acting career will take off.  He concluded if he keeps on living with these people, he shall not be able to focus on his career and all his endeavour of coming to Mumbai will go waste.  He needed a separate accommodation so that he can concentrate seriously on his career. 

The movie which took him to stardom was Janjeer.  By now you must have guessed that we are talking about Amitabh Bachchan. Thereafter he did so many movies which took him to dizzy heights in Bollywood.   Some of them were Deewar, Namak Haram, Sholay, Don, Amar Akbar Anthony so on and so forth.   The list is endless. 

In movies, Amitabh was paired with so many heroins but his equation with Rekha was unique.  Even both of them were rumoured to have been in love with each other.  

His image of an angry young man in Janjeer became so popular that he was tagged with that image.  All renowned writers and producers started writing script keeping in mind his image of a young angry man. In order to come out of that image, Amitabh did so many different roles.  Even he tried his luck in comedy by doing Amar Akbar Anthony and his sense of humour was appreciated by the audience.  During those day, whatever Amitabh would put his hands on would invariably turn into Gold. 

He became so charismatic that this confidence prompted him to open a company called ABCL.  The purpose of opening this company was to make movies.  But the company flopped miserably and Amitabh became bankrupt.  

At that agonising hour in his life, Dhirubhai Ambani came to his rescue and extended financial help so that he could stand up again in his life. 

Amitabh’s fortune changed once again and from being a bankrupt, he emerged as a winner.  Acting roles started pouring in thick and fast in his life.   

He even earned lot of money thru the television show – Kaun Banega Crorepati – and that show is still going strong with him as the anchor.

In an interview, Salim Khan, the main writer of Deewar and Sholay movies, has opinionated that it is time for Amitabh to wind- up his career in acting. Because, for his age the roles are far and few. 

Some of Amitabh’s dialogue which became viral are:

1)     Rishte Mein to hum tumare baap lagte hain Naam hai Shahanshah

2)     Line wahin se shuru hoti hai jahan hum khade hote hai

3)     Khush to bahut hoge tum, jo aaj tak tumari sidian nahi chadha, dekho dekho who aaj tumare aage haath felai khada hai

Ravindra Jadeja – All Rounder Top to Toe

Ravinder Jadeja – an asset to Indian Team by Sunil Sarpal

Ravinder Jadeja is considered as the most under-rated performer in Team India.  In fact, he is a 3-dimensional cricketer – a good batsman, a wicket taking left arm spinner and most importantly a sharp and agile fielder.  His throwing arm has done havoc in opposition camp and batsmen are always under a ‘fear psychosis’  whether or not to steal a single if the ball is hit in their direction.    

He is such a talented cricketer but creates an impression of being ordinary only because of not possessing good oratory skills. 

As a bowler, his slow left arm bowling is quiet effective and he creates lot of impact on helpful pitches.  His bowling style is restrictive type because he does not give much air to the ball.  His line and length do not allow batters to freeze arm and smash him for biggies.  He even spins the ball where no other bowler gets any purchase from the wicket.  

As a batsman, he is slotted down the order and invariably bats with lower down batsmen or bowlers.  Even while playing in English conditions where the ball swings viciously, and other batsmen are struggling to cope with swing, his approach to batting is as solid as a rock.   In such conditions, his contribution with the bat was significant to India total.  His batting technique may not be from the ‘cricketing book’ but his adjustment and leg side play is of proven quality.  

He is a very sharp fielder whether it is out-field or within 30-yard circle.  He has extra-ordinary diving skills and produce improbable catches.  His ability of stopping the ball and throwing in one action has made him a very dangerous fielder.  He sets such high benchmark in fielding which is hard to emulate. 

MS Dhoni had rightly given him the status of Sir Jadeja. 

Jadeja may not fall in the league of a Kohli or Rohit as batsman but his overall contribution to India’s cause should not be under-mined.  He has already played International cricket with distinction and does not throw away his wicket in a rush of blood, as was the case earlier. 

India needs the services of such cricketer for a long-long time to come as he is young and fit. 

In the commentary box, people like Sanjay Manjreker called him bits-and-pieces cricketer.  This is cheap commentary to distract the enthusiasm of a 3-dimensional cricketer.  His graph in terms of both batting and bowling is on the rise and eye-awakening.  There is a hint of ‘carelessness’ in his approach to the game but actually it is not the case.  He is as serious and studious as anybody else in the team. 

Legendary Australian fast-bowler Brett Lee makes a prediction about an Indian player

by Sunil Sarpal

Brett Lee: Yep! He’s the one, SKY!

Legendary Australia fast-bowler Brett Lee believes an Indian in-form batsman will someday be a major factor in winning a World Cup for the Indian team. 2022 has been a year in which, through his 360-degree play and astonishing shots, became the toast of T20I cricket.

He is currently the highest run-getter in T20Is this year with 1,164 runs in 31 matches, averaging 46.56 and at a strike-rate of 187.43. He also lit up the Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia, the first time he’s played competitive cricket in the country. Surya Kumar Yadav amassed 239 runs in six innings at a strike rate of 189.68, often changing the tempo of the innings for India.

Surya Kumar Yadav: Where SKY is the limit

“SKY was one of the highlights for me at the T20 World Cup. He continues to bat with the same attitude. Not only will he score big runs but he will also someday win a World Cup for Team India. I love watching him play. My advice to SKY would be no advice. Keep doing what you are doing, don’t change, don’t complicate things, back yourself,” said Lee on his YouTube channel.

Just after T20 World Cup, Suryakumar enthralled cricket fans yet again when he smashed 111 not out off 51 balls against New Zealand at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. In that match, the rest of the visitors’ batters made 69 runs off as many balls and Suryakumar’s knock was called by Virat Kohli on Twitter as a “video game innings.”

“India did not win the T20 World Cup but the SKY rose. Of course, I am talking about Surya Kumar Yadav. He is the new global T20 superstar. What a sensational 12-15 months he has had on the big stage.”

“He has shown here on Australian grassy wickets where the ball skids through. His fearlessness and his shot selection are like that of a chess grandmaster. His execution is awe-inspiring and the smile on his face when he played it, is priceless,” added an impressed Lee.

On Yadav’s technique of playing shots which has made him stand out from other players, Lee stated that his basics of the game are sorted and wants Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma to let him shine in the coming years for India.

“I like the way he executes the impossible shots because his basics are in place. He doesn’t go out there and just tries to hit the ball that isn’t there to hit. He has a wonderful technique and he is definitely a player for the future.”

“You can trust Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma to just let him be the person he needs to be. SKY would rise and this could lead to many more peaks for India in years to come.”

Last day for receiving applications for a new Cricket Selection Committee

By Sunil Sarpal

After the ignominious exit from ICC T-20 tournament at the hands of England, Indian Cricket Team’s prestige was at stake. In order to save it’s face, BCCI had no other option but to sack the Selection Committee, led by Chetan Sharma. Even the BCCI President Saurav Ganguly was earlier shown the exit door.

The new BCCI President is Roger Binny, a former cricketer. And the process of forming the new Selection Committee has been under-way. It has become a norm in India that whenever Indian Team is defeated in a big tournament, changes and chopping of heads takes place.

The deadline to submit applications for the post of new selectors ends today, november 28th. According to InsideSports, BCCI is reported to have already received over 80 applications for vacancy of five selectors. The board will scrutinise the applications and will make announcement of the new selection committee in December 2022.

It is speculated that, some of the new faces such as, Shubham Gill, Prithvi Shah, Sanju Samson and Hooda may get the nod. In the bowling department too the return of Jasprit Bumrah will boost the already formidable bowling attack.

Ravi Shastri down the memory lane

If we talk about going down the memory lane, when Ravi Shastri was removed from the position of a Director, Team India, after his 2- term tenure, the team was performing very well except for out of form Virat Kohli. Ravi possesses the right ingredients and knowledge, about how to deal with the boys, which is a rare quality to lift the spirit of the game. Therefore, there are voices demanding for his return as Director, Team India. Whereas, Rahul Dravid’s tenure as Coach has not brought the positive results because coaching Team India is a different ball game. Whereas, Ravi’s invaluable inputs to India captain, time to time intervention in matter of significance and foresight were some of the qualities rarely found in a person.

Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni

With the induction of Roger Binny as new BCCI President, it is reported that his first call was to include MS Dhoni as Head Coach or Director, Team India T20. MS Dhoni is immensely talented, cool as a cucumber and his skills for man-management are extra-ordinary. It is hoped that MS Dhoni, if appointed, as Director, in coordination with Rahul Dravid as coach will do the best for the team, which takes Team India forward.

Time is ripe to include new legs because the demand of the game is to be fast and ferocious. Surya Kumar Yadav has proved time and again that the shorter version of the game’s demand is 360 degree. It is therefore absolutely necessary on the part of New Selection Committee to re-build the side and to not go by past reputation of the players.


By Sunil Sarpal

According to a report in The Telegraph, BCCI feels that the load to manage multiple formats is too overwhelming for a single Coach like Rahul Dravid. There is a speculation that BCCI might split the coaching roles three ways and the issue could come up for discussion during the apex council meeting later this month.  Biggest curiosity is ofcourse about the T20 FORMAT coach

Rumours are strong about one possibility. Guess who? Perhaps every child in India knows his name – MS Dhoni. Such is his charisma in Indian Cricket. He is tagged as the coolest captain to ever grace Team India.

Captain Cool

For this prestigious assignment to captain Team India, the script was written by none other than Sachin Tendulkar when he recommended Dhoni’s name to the then BCCI President Sharad Pawar for captain material.

His attributes include his unique ability to read the game-situation, pitch-behaviour and team combinations which always bring laurels to the nation.

His timely guidance behind the stumps to bowlers was a treat to watch, so was his uncanny ability to go for DRS. These are some of the talents developed by him to turn him into an iconic figure. His timely bowling changes and field placements made him a street-smart thinker of the game. Dhoni was such a talent that he could enter Team India single-handedly on the basis of being a wicket keeper, or a batsman or just as a captain.

Dhoni was so agile and fitness personified that he used to run between the wickets as fast as anybody. Dhoni’s body was so strong that he could hit a six at will. He was recognised for his ‘helicopter shot’. Dhoni often lifted the morale of the team when the game-situation was slipping away from its grasp. Dhoni was so cool and calculating, that he could change the nature of the game with his determination and could ‘weather the storm’. He was truly a game-changer, and takes the game away from the jaws of defeat.

After suddenly retiring from the game and handing over the reign to Kohli, he was just cooling his heels and playing only IPL, representing CSK.

In the just concluded ICC T-20 World Cup at Australia where India’s ignominious defeat in semis, BCCI new President Roger Binny is reported to have decided that Dhoni should be made Team India Director. Along with the Coach Rahul Dravid, India needs to re-build the team with young legs.

Dhoni’s possible appointment as Director, Team India T20, could lift the morale of the team. Dhoni will build a team on the lines – horses for courses. His uncanny ability to yield the best from a player will take Team India shining once again on the world stage.

What is reverse swing in fast bowling and … what is….?

What is reverse swing in fast bowling by Sunil Sarpal

Ans. When there is dew in the air, because of which, the outfield becomes wet and the ball tends to get wet too. The seam in the middle of the ball separates the ball on two sides. One side of the ball is kept shiny by rubbing and the other side kept wet or as it is. When delivered, the ball tends to drift towards the wet side even though the seam movement is kept in the opposite direction. Thus the movement of the ball becomes the undoing for the batters.

Here are a few more questions answered with what is a…


Yorker is a very difficult delivery to pick.  It is bowled by fast bowler with such precision that it lands under the toe of the batsman’s bat.  Those fast bowlers they swing the ball in the air, bowl swinging Yorkers.  Waqar Yunis of Pakistan was one such player who exhibits this art to perfection.  He was called toe crusher.   Because of providing late in-swing in the air, the batsman is bumboozeled and in the process lose direction of the ball.  Instead of hitting the bat, the ball hits the toe of the foot and inflicts damage.  


Beamer is an illegal delivery.  When a fast-bowler bowls a delivery which lands above waist height of the batsman, it is called Beamer.  Firstly, umpire rules out such a ball as no-ball.   Since such delivery can inflict damage to the batsman, the umpire warns the bowler for repeating such a delivery.  If the bowler still persist with such a delivery, then he can be banned from playing and penalised with a fine too.


To bowl a bouncer, the fast-bowler keeps the length of the delivery short, using his shoulder strength and digs the ball hard on the pitch.  Generally, bouncer after pitching jumps above shoulder height and becomes unplayable unless the batsman is equipped to hook or pull the ball.  Bouncers is also delivered with varying speed of the ball to dodge the batsman so that he mis-times the shot.  


Both off-spin and leg-spin can be bowled with the help of either fingers or wrist.  When the slow-bowler gives more air to the ball, it automatically spins more.  And if the trajectory of the delivery is kept low, the ball spins less.  Now-a-days, the slow bowlers have learned the art of spinning wrong ones.  The off-spinner can bowl leg-spin by the magic of his fingers and vice-versa.