Memorable Plays Staged at Natsamrat’s ‘5th Mumbai Theatre Festival’

The 5th Mumbai Theatre Festival organized by Natsamrat was successfully held from 21st to 23rd June at Creative Adda Auditorium, Versova, Mumbai. The director of all the plays is Shyam Kumar.

On the first day of the Theatre Festival, 21st June at 7 pm, the play Satya Prakash’s “Kambakht Ishq” was staged. This play explained deep themes while making the audience laugh. The story revolves around Jai’s father Kishan and Leela’s mother Radha, who face loneliness due to their children’s busy schedules. They meet at a clinic and start spending time together, which alleviates their loneliness. However, their children misunderstand this relationship and prevent them from meeting, causing both to fall ill again. Eventually, the children realize their parents need each other’s support.

Later that evening at 8:30 pm, the play “The Proposal” written by Anton Chekhov was staged. This play tells the story of a young man proposing marriage to his neighbor’s unmarried daughter. The story becomes more complicated as they argue over property and dogs.

On June 22, at 7 pm, “Haye Mera Dil” written by Ranbir Singh was staged. This play depicts the story of a hypochondriac husband who, due to a misunderstanding, believes he is going to die soon. He plans a wedding for his wife, but she mistakes his behavior for infidelity.

At 8:30 pm, the play “Kuchh Tum Kaho Kuchh Hum Kahen” written by Ashish Kotwal was staged. It tells the story of Anand and Mansi, who have different outlooks on life. Their poignant banter left the audience emotional.

The Natya Mahotsav concluded on June 23 with the play “Kallu Naai MBBS” written by Moliere. This play is about a barber who is always drunk and beats his wife. His wife devises a plan with the help of servants to teach him a lesson.

In all the plays, actors Sanjay Basliyal, Munmun, P.K. Khayal, Aman Kumar, Shivangi, Raman Kumar, Sudhir Khanna, Naveen, Vishwajeet, and Saumya Yadav gave excellent performances. Backstage management was handled by Sunil Rathore and Naushad, stage management by Suraj Singh, makeup by Payal and Raj Rani, costumes by Chhobi Saha and Rohit Prasad, and lighting was designed by Shyam Kumar.

The audience greatly appreciated these plays and praised the messages contained within them.

Dramatic Showcase: Masters in Performing Arts (Drama) Present’s Two Plays “Kaalchakra” and “Bank Manager” at Rabindranath Tagore University

A three-day workshop (28 to 30 in 2024) was organized at Rabindranath Tagore University under the Faculty of Sanskrit Prachaya Bhasha Kendra Manviki Udaar Kala Sankay. Its participants were students of Masters in Performing Arts (Drama). Two plays were prepared by them. The play “Kaalchakra” written and directed by J.P. Singh and the other play “Bank Manager” written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Shyam Kumar were staged in the Sharada Auditorium of the University on 30 May. The play “Kaalchakra” is based on the legend of Raja Bhoj and Gangu Teli, in which the lead roles were played by J.P. Singh as Raja Bhoj and Tarun Jalota as Gangu Teli. Vaidyanath Sharma as Vaidya and Amatya, Vashishtha Upadhyay played the role of Ang Raj, Jyoti Upadhyay as Chandramukhi, Ashfaq as Musician, Vansh Rathore as Singer, Neeraj played the role of Dwarpal and Lights Designed by Shyam Kumar. The play Kaalchakra was started with a Jarjar Puja as per the rules of Natyashastra. A unique amalgamation of music and acting was seen in the play.

The second story full of humour “Bank Manager” is about a woman who comes to a bank, forces the manager to fulfill her unreasonable demands, the play is full of some humorous exchange of dialogues between the two and ends with the manager literally losing his mind. Nagendra Sharma played the role of the bank manager, the role of the woman was played by Shraboni Saha, Sachin Verma played the role of the assistant manager, music was directed by Vansh Rathore and lighting was designed and directed by Shyam Kumar.

In both the presentations, senior theatre artist and former director of M.P.S.D. Alok Chatterjee and the Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. Aditi Chaturvedi Vats and the Vice Chancellor of the University graced their dignified presence as the chief guests. Alok Sir appreciated the play and praised the acting of all the artists. Dr. Aditi Chaturvedi Vats called the students’ presentation commendable and called it the heritage of the University. All the students were given certificates after the play. The coordinators of this workshop were Dr. Sanjay Dubey and Dr. Savitri Singh Parihar, co-coordinator Dr. Deepak Tiwari, cooperation from the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts and Mr. Sharad Mishra, Abhishek Deshmane.

Triumphant Tale of Love and Laughter: ‘Mirza Saheb Pyar Ka Dushman Haye! Haye!

What happened when despite all the efforts of Mirza, he could not break the relationship of his daughters Saba and Fiza with their lovers Farhan and Akhtar?

The Comedy Play ‘Mirza Saheb Pyar Ka Dushman Haye!Haye!’ written and directed by Ashraf Ali was staged in LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi on 5th May 2024 at 4:30 p.m. The laughter and applause of the audience sitting in the auditorium shows that the audience liked the play very much.

Mirza (Azad Sherawat) who does not want to marry his two daughters Saba (Noor Chawla) and Fiza (Shilpa Das) to their lover boys which are Farhan (Ankit Sati) and Akhtar (Naresh Kumar). Mirza’s wife is Khalida (Shalini Sita) and a hard-working servant is Fakhru (Ritesh). Every scene of the play was very connected due to which the audience remained connected till the end of the play. The audience appreciated the acting of Armaan (Chirag Goyal). The acting of Sharafat Ali (Vishal Shukla) was good. Every character played its role well. Fakhru’s character was full of enthusiasm but at some places his behavior towards his master seemed too loud. Many times an issue was being repeated again and again, which could lead to editing. Azad Sherawat’s performance in the role of Mirza was quite strong.

According to the play, the background music was selected by the play’s writer and director Ashraf Ali. The backstage partners were Shikhar Tiwari, Manik Sharma, Vinay Kumar, Rajan Kumar, Simran and Amar Shah. Noor Islam was in videography. The stage decoration and lighting concept further enhanced the scenes of the play.

“Mirza Saheb Pyar Ka Dushman Haye! Haye!” was a hit with the audience! It’s always great to hear about successful theater productions. It seems like the actors really brought their characters to life, and the backstage crew did an excellent job too. The director’s choice of background music must have added a lot to the atmosphere of the play. And kudos to the playwright for crafting such an engaging story.

The Triumph of Theater on Delhi’s Stage through Natsamrat Natya Utsav

Recently, Delhi’s theater organization Natsamrat presented a total of eight of its seven different plays. Where the audience appreciated all the plays very much. The special thing about Natsamrat’s plays is that this organization performs plays that touch the souls of the audience, giving heart-touching messages to the society through laughter or simplicity. These plays were staged in LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi.

The play ‘Fauji’, written and directed by Sanjay Basliyal, was staged on 16 March at 3 pm and the play “Sakharam Binder”, written by Vijay Tendulkar and directed by Vishwajit Alexander, was staged at 4:15 pm on the same evening. The play “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahan” written by Ashish Kotwal and directed by Shyam Kumar was staged on 17 March at 3 pm and the play “Kambakht Ishq” written by Satya Prakash and directed by Shyam Kumar was staged on the same evening at 4:15 pm. Went. The play “Comedy Junction”, written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Fareed Ahmed, was staged on March 23 at 3 pm and the play “”, written by Harishankar Parsai and directed by Rakesh Kodinya, was staged at 4:15 pm. The comedy drama “Kallu Nayi MBBS”, written by Molière and directed by Shyam Kumar, was staged on 30 March at 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm (2 shows).

All the actors associated with the drama created a different place in the minds of all the viewers with the magic of their acting. One audience even said that our family always waits for your plays. Another viewer said that Natsamrat’s plays are such that every age member of the family feels happy. Natsamrat director Shyam Kumar said that we will continue to bring such plays in front of the audience and through our plays will continue to give messages to the society on deep topics through laughter.

Natsamrat Natya Utsav Lights up Delhi’s Stage with its Plays

Natsamrat Natya Utsav has started in Delhi Theater. Amidst the fast-paced life of the city, there must be some moments of happiness and to fulfill the same, the audience can come to Natsamrat Natya Utsav which is going on at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi.

The first play “Fauji”, written and directed by Sanjay Basliyal, was highly appreciated by the audience. The drama ‘Fauji’ is the story of an 80-year-old ex-serviceman (Diler Singh) from Uttarakhand, whose family has a legacy of serving the Indian Army. A news channel wants to cover their story and present it sensationally to increase their TRP ratings. Parallely, the news anchor who will cover the story (Kritika) and the cameraman (Kishore) were once in a relationship and have stopped working with each other since the breakup. They are now forced to work together on this story. As the play highlights the life of Diler Singh, a soldier who paid a great price to serve the country, it leaves a lasting impact on Kritika and Kishore’s relationship. Suresh Chandra played the role of editor, Sumita Sharma played the role of Pinky, Mantu had Prateek Rawat, Krutika, Roshan played the role of Kishore and Sanjay Basliyal, the writer and director of this play played the role of Diler Singh. P.K.Khayal conducted the lighting, Ashu conducted the music, Hardeep Singh and Mr. Om Sharma took charge of the backstage. All the actors played their roles beautifully and the audience also got engrossed in their phenomenal acting. It was staged on 16 March at 3:00 pm.

The second play of the evening was “Sakharam Binder” written by Vijay Tendulkar and directed by Vishwajeet Alexander. The play’s title alludes to Sakharam who is alone, devoid of familial ties, and whose profession as a book-binder enables him to stay away from the milieu of conservative society and live a quaint life on his own terms. Vishwajeet played the role of Sakharam, Ekta played the role of Lakshmi, Krutika played the role of Champa, Shammi played the role of Faujdar and Naveen played the role of Dawood. The acting of all the actors was impressive. Yash and Sachin were in music, Archana Kumari did the arrangement and Naina was in lighting operations. The play was staged on 16 March at 4:15 pm.

Two plays were staged on the second day of Natsamrat Natya Utsav. The first play was “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahe” and the second play was “Kambakht Ishq”.

Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein” exemplifies excellence from the pen of Ashish Kotwal and directed by Shyam Kumar, which premiered on 17th March at 3:00 PM. Dr. Anand, closing the doors of happiness, gives life Meets Mansi who wants to be adopted. Vivek Sharma and Munmun’s heart-touching banter immersed the audience in emotions. The lead actors of the drama, Vivek Sharma and Munmun, sometimes have sweet and sour banter and sometimes support each other. The performance of both of them left the audience emotional. The audience appreciated the play a lot.

In the play “Kambakht Ishq” written by Satya Prakash, it was shown that the elderly, being victims of loneliness, create a separate world within themselves and fall ill, even though they are not ill. Two elderly people, one Kishan and the other Radha, fall ill due to their loneliness. The director of the play, Shyam Kumar, has given a very beautiful message to the society that in old age, when children become busy in their life’s work, they find it difficult to find time for their parents. Then how bad the condition of those elderly people becomes.

In the drama, Sanjay Basliyal played the role of Kishan and Munmun played the role of Radha, Vivek Sharma played the role of the son and Savita Gupta played the role of the daughter, P.K. Khayal played the role of the doctor. Aman played the role of compounder. The stage managers were Sunil Rathore and Rohit Prasad Prasad, Sooraj and Lokesh were in stage props, Rajrani was in makeup, Payal was in costume, Raman Kumar and Mahendra Kumar took charge of the backstage, Aman and Vansh Rathore were in song management. Light Designed was conceptualized by Natsamrat director Shyam Kumar. This play was staged on March 17 at 4:15 pm. This Natya Utsav is still going on. On 23rd March, two plays are being staged by “Comedy Junction” and “Chandralok.Com”, and on 30th there is a comedy play Kallu Nai MBBS. The festival is being held in LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi.

Jaywardhan’s Play ‘Nirjan Karawas’ Launched

The play Nirjan Karawas, written by Jaywardhan, was launched on 2 March 2024 at 4:00 pm in Delhi.

JP Singh alias Jaiwardhan has received ‘Honorary Degree’ from Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow. He is honored with the Akademi Award for the year 2007 for playwriting by Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi, Lucknow. He is an expert in acting, direction and lighting concept. He has written many famous plays, including ‘Urgent Meeting’, ‘Kissa Maujpur Ka’, ‘Kaalpurush’, ‘Hai! Handsome’, ‘Mayaram Ki Maya’, ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’, ‘Madhyaantar’, ‘Mastmoula’, ‘Daroga ji Chori Ho Gayi’, ‘Jaisa Tum Kaho’, ‘Akhir Ek Din’, ‘Karmaev Dharmah’, ‘Antataha ‘, ‘Gorakhdhandha’, ‘Gandhari’, ‘Khairatilal Ka Kursi Tantra’, ‘Paro’, ‘Ek Aur Meeting’ and ‘Babu Harishchand’. 15 plays written by him have been published, along with 6 of his children’s plays have also been published. He has also made an impressive drama adaptation of Munshi Premchand’s classic novel ‘Godaan’. Many of his plays have also been telecast on Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Padmashree Sh. Daya Prakash Sinha, Senior Dainik Jagran Journalist Shri Anant Vijay, Akhil Bharatiya Co-Treasurer Subodh Sharma, Senior playwright Sh. Pratap Sehgal, Senior Drama Critic Sh. Anil Goyal, Senior Theater Artist Sh. Avtar Sahni were the chief guests at the inauguration. Jaywardhan welcomed all the chief guests.  Pratap Sehgal, while praising his writing, was seen saying on some issues of the play that more pages of history could have been added to it. In response to this, Jaywardhan said that the play ‘Nirjan Karawas’ depicts the period of solitary confinement of Maharishi Aurobindo Ghosh, that is why only one incident has been discussed in detail in it, due to which the author focuses the attention of the readers on one place. All the chief guests said about his writing that just as he wrote comic plays, he also wrote on serious subjects, which touched the hearts of the readers. The special thing is that he is an actor as well as a director, so he writes the scenes of the story more beautifully. It was also said to him that despite being so busy, he is writing many plays, which are present in the library even today and the plays written by him are being played in every corner of India.

Senior Critic Sh. Diwan Singh Bajeli, Senior Writer Sh. Hari Suman Bisht, Senior Critic Sh. Sangam Pandey, Senior Drama Director Sh. Shyam Kumar, Senior Drama Director Vashishth Upadhyay, Senior Drama Director Sh. Bhupesh Joshi, Senior Drama Director Sh. Ravi Taneja etc. participated in the audience.

Natsamrat’s Theatrical Showcase: A Tapestry of Emotions Unveiled in Delhi’s Stage

Natsamrat unfolded a captivating display of theatrical brilliance, showcasing four remarkable plays. Commencing with “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahen,” written by Ashish Kotwal and directed by Shyam Kumar took stage on 20th January at 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm. The narrative delves into the collision of two disparate worlds. Dr. Anand, shutting doors to happiness, encounters Mansi, aspiring to embrace life. Vivek Sharma and Munmun’s poignant exchange left the audience immersed in emotions.

Following this, “Sakharam Binder” by Vijay Tendulkar, directed by Vishwajeet Alexander, took center stage on January 21 at 3 pm & 4:15 pm.. Vishwajeet portrayed Sakharam alongside Shruti, Krutika, Nasir, and Naveen, delivering an impressive performance. The timeless narrative, dating back to 1972, resonated, with Akash handling music and lighting, Archana overseeing aesthetics, and Sangeeta managing props.

The comedic gem, “Kambakht Ishq,” written by Satya Prakash and directed by Shyam Kumar, unfolded on January 26 at 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm. Offering a humorous take on the loneliness in old age, Vishwajeet, Munmun, Sanjay Basliyal, and Savita Gupta, among others, left the audience oscillating between laughter and tears. A meticulous production, featuring Sunil Rathore and Rohit Prasad as stage managers, showcased the multifaceted talents of the Natsamrat team.

Closing the theatrical extravaganza was “,” an adaptation of Harishankar Parsai’s story, directed by Rakesh Kodinya on 28th January at 3 pm & 4:15 pm. The ensemble cast, including Munmun, Vivek Sharma, Sanjay Basliyal, Sudhir Khanna, Jagbir Choudhary, and Aman, not only evoked laughter but also conveyed a profound message through their performance. With music conducted by Shivangi and lighting envisioned by Shyam Kumar, this play added a delightful conclusion to the series.

These four enthralling plays graced The Blank Canvas (LTG Auditorium), Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Unveiling the Untold: Felicity Theatre’s ‘Humare Ram’ Takes India by Storm

Felicity Theatre’s unprecedented presentation of the play “Humare Ram”. Today the whole of India is rejoicing over the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, at the same time Rahul Bhuchar brought the play ” Humare Ram” to the audience. It is written by Rahul Bhuchar and Naresh Kavayan and directed by Gaurav Bhardwaj. Very beautiful music was used in the play. The songs were written by Alok Srivastava and Ramkumar Singh and composed by Udbhav Ojha and Saurabh Mehta. Well-known Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher and Ashutosh Rana gave voice to the songs.

This play is an epic in a way whose words have been beautifully woven into a garland. Felicity Theater director Rahul Bhuchar played the role of Shri Ram and well-known Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana played the role of Ravana while Harleen Kaur Rekhi played the role of Mata Sita. Danish Akhtar was seen as Lord Hanuman, Tarun Khanna as Lord Shiva and Karan Sharma as Surya Dev.

While the audience got engrossed in devotion due to Ram’s dialogue, the audience applauded a lot after seeing the style of Ravana (Ashutosh Rana). While Kailash Kher’s voice created magic in the drama, Ashutosh Rana’s voice also created magic. The audience became engrossed in devotion with the voice of Sonu Nigam.

The special thing about ” Humare Ram” is that this drama exposed many hidden incidents of Ramayana which may not be known to many people. The story started from Luv and Kush’s perspective. All the scenes were shown very beautifully and the entire Ramayana was depicted in three hours. Be it the arrival of Sun God on the stage or the entry of Hanuman on the stage. Shurpanakha got a lot of applause for her acting. The light design was amazing with LEDs. The children played the role of monkeys who are very adept dancers and made their entry with a beautiful and energetic dance. Rahul Bhuchar had laid the foundation of this play two years ago, which came true today and this play got a lot of love from the audience.

The play “Hamare Ram” was staged at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi from 25 to 28 January.

Captivating Acts and Compelling plays: Natsamrat’s Theater Extravaganza Leaves Mumbai Spellbound

Natsamrat staged four different plays at Creative Adda Auditorium, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai where the plays were greatly appreciated by the audience.

The first play, “Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein,” written by Ashish Kotwal, was performed on January 6th at 7:00 PM at the Creative Adda Auditorium, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai. The play revolves around two individuals, an elderly doctor, Dr. Anand, who has created a small world for himself through his profession, and a lively woman named Manasi, who enjoys life in her unique way. Despite their different perspectives on life, Dr. Anand has closed the doors to happiness, while Manasi, having endured her sorrows, strives to move forward and embrace life. The main actors, Vivek Sharma and Munmun, displayed a captivating chemistry on stage, alternating between witty banter and providing support to each other. The behind-the-scenes team, including director Shyam Kumar, lyrics by Rakesh Kodinya, Singer Ishan Tyagi, stage manager Sunil Rathore, stage properties by Suraj Singh, make-up by Payal Rani, costume by Chhobi Saha, Sound operated by Aman and other back stage team, contributed to the success of the play.

On January 6th at 8:15 PM, the second play, “Besahara Aurat,” written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Fareed Ahmed. The story, featuring Munmun in the lead role and Vivek Sharma as the bank manager, Assistant played by Jagbir Choudhary and Helper by Aman was filled with laughter and poignant moments. Stage Management by Vishwajeet, stage property by Lokesh, make-up by Raj Rani, Light Design by Natsamrat’s director Shyam Kumar. The play showcased the sweet and sour exchanges between the main characters, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Shyam Kumar, the director of Natsamrat, brought this beautiful play to the Mumbai audience.

As part of the “Fourth Mumbai Theatre Festival” by Natsamrat on January 9th, two plays were staged. The first play, based on Harishankar Parsai’s story titled “Nithalla,” adapted by Kuldeep Kunal & Directed by Nagender Kumar Sharma, was presented as a solo performance by own Nagender Kr. Sharma, receiving much appreciation from the audience. The story revolves around an idealistic person, Nithalla, who dedicates his life to selfless deeds, challenging the societal trend that recognizes only those who work for their own gain.

The second play, “Veer Savarkar,” written, enacted, and directed by Nagendra Kumar Sharma, depicted the journey of Savarkar in the struggle for independence. The emotional portrayal of Savarkar’s sacrifices left the audience moved. Both plays were presented with the support of Haryana Kala Parishad.

In conclusion, the “Fourth Mumbai Theatre Festival” organized by Natsamrat showcased a variety of plays, each leaving a distinct impact on the audience. The meticulous direction, powerful performances, and thoughtful themes made the festival a memorable experience for the Mumbai audience. Shyam Kumar, the director of Natsamrat, and the entire team received well-deserved appreciation for their efforts in bringing quality theatre to the city.

Play ‘Couples Shuffle’ Conveys Message to Audience with Laughter

The husband-wife relationship is considered to be the most sacred in the world. Love and trust bind both, but many times husband and wife quarrel by finding shortcomings in each other and a third takes advantage of it. Something similar was seen in Anuragna Theatre Group’s presentation “Couples Shuffle“, written and directed by Ashraf Ali. The play was performed on December 24 at Black Canvas, L.T.G. Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi-01.

Sharma ji (Chirag) house where he lives with his wife (Shruti Aastha) Chawla. There is always a tussle between the two over small things. Meanwhile, their neighbor Dubey (Bilal Khan) enters, who tries to take advantage of the conflict between those husband and wife and put a string on Shruti. Meanwhile, Maya (Manisha Sharma) enters. Sharma ji is very impressed by seeing Maya and tries to increase friendship. This dilemma goes on for a long time and finally it is revealed that Dubey and Maya are husband and wife, and they came to Sharma ji’s house to investigate them in search of the Best Couple Award in which both of them failed.

Amidst laughter, this play also gives a message to the audience that ‘husband and wife should never leave each other in any situation and should maintain trust in each other’. Chirag played his character well in the role of Sharma, as well as his wife Shruti’s character had many shades, which she succeeded in keeping in front of the audience. In the role of Dubey, Bilal Khan kept the entire drama tied with his acting and put many laughs in it, as well as the performance of Manisha Sharma in the role of Maya was also praise worthy.

Behind the stage were Goldie in the music, lighting was done by Manik Sharma, Kamal Negi was in the costumes and Ankit was in the stage material as well as Shamsher Khan and Avinash Tiwari in the set.