Dr Reshma, besides being a Psychiatrist, is a Qualified Gynecologist with a vast experience in Reproductive Health, Hospital Administration and Public Health, in Indiaand abroad and has held several responsible positions in the government (State Programme Officer for National Programme for Control of Blindness, Assistant Medical Superintendent of Lok Nayak Hospital, Assistant Director, Directorate of Family Welfare,Delhi). She has been a Gold Medalist & National Scholarship holder, and honored withBidhan Chandra Roy Doctors State Award for meritorious services, in its first year of inception in 1998. Presently a Senior CMO in Psychiatry Department of G.B. Pant Hospital, she is a Media Consultant, a Poetess and fiction–writer in many languages, including Urdu, in which also holds a Diploma. With a keen interest in music, she is currently engaged in compiling the archives of Hindi Film Music

The doc is a great one for quotes – some of her latest witticisms:

“Why ruin a good story with the truth?”

“As I said before, I never repeat myself”

“Everybody has a right to My Opinion”

“Great professionals like me work on the “rocket principle – not that
I aim for the skies – but I don’t start working unless my tail is set on fire”

“If I had anything witty to say, I wouldn’t put it here”

“Why should I care about posterity? What’s posterity ever done for me?”