‘This is a dream come true.’

Actor AUROSIKHA DEY participated in the Cannes Film Festival, representing the film The Shameless, in which she played the character Durwa. I talked to her and wanted to know about the experiences she had gained. Here are the excerpts of that conversation.

Congratulations on representing your film “The Shameless” at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Could you share your experience and your movie’s reception at the festival?

When I first heard the news from my director and producer, I was numb for a fraction of a second, searching for the perfect expression. This is a dream come true; I feel ecstatic. It is an honour to represent my film on such a prestigious platform and present it to a global audience. I am both happy and humbled by this opportunity. I had a great time in Cannes. It was a privilege to meet many professionals worldwide, learn about new cultures and passions, and discuss ideas and filmmaking. The film was received extremely well at Cannes. The audience’s reaction was incredible. They appreciated both the story and my performance in the movie. I am very humbled and honoured by the response.

Please tell me about your character in “The Shameless” and how you felt working with Anusuya. 

I am thrilled to contribute to this exceptional project. My director, Konstantin Bojanov, crafted a brilliant script and meticulously outlined the character ‘Durwa’, which provided invaluable clarity for my preparation. As a primary cast member, Durwa introduces shades of grey and compels the audience to confront the conflict between conventional norms and individual will. She is aggressive and fiercely focused on securing her daily livelihood above all.

I had a great time working with Anusuya. I am thrilled and proud of the global adulation and appreciation the film and the entire team have received.

The Cannes Film Festival is known for its glamour and star-studded red-carpet events. Can you describe any memorable moments or interactions with fellow artists or industry professionals during the festival?

I was extremely excited to be on the Cannes red carpet and present my film. I was wearing a beautiful saree designed by Priyanka Raajiv. Right before walking on the red carpet, I was a bit nervous and jittery but also thrilled. There were so many photographers ready to take our pictures. I chatted with my co-actors, and they all shared the same feelings. It was my day.

As an artist, how do you view the importance of platforms like Cannes in promoting diverse and thought-provoking cinema worldwide, and what impact do you hope your film will have on audiences globally?

It’s an honour to represent my film on such a prestigious platform and present it to a global audience. I am both happy and humbled by this opportunity.

It’s a significant achievement to showcase my work on such a grand stage. As an actor, you always aspire to reach a broader audience, allowing your work to be visible and appreciated. Being able to do so on a platform like Cannes, one of the biggest film festivals in the world, not only marks a proud moment for me as an actor but also reaffirms faith and confidence in myself.

With the success of “The Shameless” at Cannes, what are your future aspirations and goals as an actor? Are there any dream roles or collaborations you’d like to pursue in the coming years?

Both the role and the story are integral parts of any project. The role has to be significant enough that one cannot imagine the story without it. It’s about the weight of the role. There are so many roles to choose from for my dream role that it is tough to select. I want to do as much work as possible with as many versatile directors in as many complex roles as possible.