Im-Pact: Innovative Digital Theatre Based Corporate Training Practices

Theatre has the ability to transform, to bring about a radical change and also the tool to enhance productivity by opening us creatively. Theatre often makes us work against our own body, our own emotions by getting “into the skin of others”. This art makes us think beyond us, and only create the characters. As we are living right now in insecure times, in total social distancing and also in grave economic implications theatre based digital training programs will solve many of the grave implications.

The economy has deeply impacting not only the daily wagers but also companies such as the aviation sector, education, lifestyle, wellness and beauty just to name a few. What hence is needed is that the company looks for solutions first and foremost to increase the productivity of the employees.

Training of the soft skills like boosting the morale of the employees, improving
communication skills, stress management does increase the productivity of the employee;
however training has to primarily focus on increasing the revenue of a company and
bringing in more sales. For this what is critically needed is that while the company works
on the soft skills of the employees they also focus on the solutions to provide ways in which the revenues can be generated.

Here, is where Digital Theatre based Corporate Training Practices comes in. The Digital
methods that are focused not “inwards” or simply to “improve the soft skills of the
employee” but are “outward” driving most empathetically towards “enhancing production of the company.”

Here, one should realize that one should adopt the means of “gentle power of persuasion”
for employees to see and understand the needs of their mother company. Theatre being extremely persuasive and while keeping emotions as the cornerstone can further help in the this “gentle power of persuasion”. The employees should be urged to look beyond
themselves, their traditional roles in the company and think of the multiple ways they can
reinvent themselves in this stressful situation.

Rewards can be given to good solutions which could mean words of encouragement in a
mail forwarded to all employees or even small gifts and monetary benefits. No step should be seen as “not worthy enough”, if it is considered not worthy it enough then it should be analyzed why it is not worthy enough and what can be done to make it more effective.

Theatre does not discard any action but looks at it critically. The same should apply in this
Im-pactful theatre- based training practice. We are here looking at times that need
innovation, reinvention and reconsideration of what we know. It’s time to SURGE