Ravindra Jadeja – All Rounder Top to Toe

Ravinder Jadeja – an asset to Indian Team by Sunil Sarpal

Ravinder Jadeja is considered as the most under-rated performer in Team India.  In fact, he is a 3-dimensional cricketer – a good batsman, a wicket taking left arm spinner and most importantly a sharp and agile fielder.  His throwing arm has done havoc in opposition camp and batsmen are always under a ‘fear psychosis’  whether or not to steal a single if the ball is hit in their direction.    

He is such a talented cricketer but creates an impression of being ordinary only because of not possessing good oratory skills. 

As a bowler, his slow left arm bowling is quiet effective and he creates lot of impact on helpful pitches.  His bowling style is restrictive type because he does not give much air to the ball.  His line and length do not allow batters to freeze arm and smash him for biggies.  He even spins the ball where no other bowler gets any purchase from the wicket.  

As a batsman, he is slotted down the order and invariably bats with lower down batsmen or bowlers.  Even while playing in English conditions where the ball swings viciously, and other batsmen are struggling to cope with swing, his approach to batting is as solid as a rock.   In such conditions, his contribution with the bat was significant to India total.  His batting technique may not be from the ‘cricketing book’ but his adjustment and leg side play is of proven quality.  

He is a very sharp fielder whether it is out-field or within 30-yard circle.  He has extra-ordinary diving skills and produce improbable catches.  His ability of stopping the ball and throwing in one action has made him a very dangerous fielder.  He sets such high benchmark in fielding which is hard to emulate. 

MS Dhoni had rightly given him the status of Sir Jadeja. 

Jadeja may not fall in the league of a Kohli or Rohit as batsman but his overall contribution to India’s cause should not be under-mined.  He has already played International cricket with distinction and does not throw away his wicket in a rush of blood, as was the case earlier. 

India needs the services of such cricketer for a long-long time to come as he is young and fit. 

In the commentary box, people like Sanjay Manjreker called him bits-and-pieces cricketer.  This is cheap commentary to distract the enthusiasm of a 3-dimensional cricketer.  His graph in terms of both batting and bowling is on the rise and eye-awakening.  There is a hint of ‘carelessness’ in his approach to the game but actually it is not the case.  He is as serious and studious as anybody else in the team.