By Sunil Sarpal

According to a report in The Telegraph, BCCI feels that the load to manage multiple formats is too overwhelming for a single Coach like Rahul Dravid. There is a speculation that BCCI might split the coaching roles three ways and the issue could come up for discussion during the apex council meeting later this month.  Biggest curiosity is ofcourse about the T20 FORMAT coach

Rumours are strong about one possibility. Guess who? Perhaps every child in India knows his name – MS Dhoni. Such is his charisma in Indian Cricket. He is tagged as the coolest captain to ever grace Team India.

Captain Cool

For this prestigious assignment to captain Team India, the script was written by none other than Sachin Tendulkar when he recommended Dhoni’s name to the then BCCI President Sharad Pawar for captain material.

His attributes include his unique ability to read the game-situation, pitch-behaviour and team combinations which always bring laurels to the nation.

His timely guidance behind the stumps to bowlers was a treat to watch, so was his uncanny ability to go for DRS. These are some of the talents developed by him to turn him into an iconic figure. His timely bowling changes and field placements made him a street-smart thinker of the game. Dhoni was such a talent that he could enter Team India single-handedly on the basis of being a wicket keeper, or a batsman or just as a captain.

Dhoni was so agile and fitness personified that he used to run between the wickets as fast as anybody. Dhoni’s body was so strong that he could hit a six at will. He was recognised for his ‘helicopter shot’. Dhoni often lifted the morale of the team when the game-situation was slipping away from its grasp. Dhoni was so cool and calculating, that he could change the nature of the game with his determination and could ‘weather the storm’. He was truly a game-changer, and takes the game away from the jaws of defeat.

After suddenly retiring from the game and handing over the reign to Kohli, he was just cooling his heels and playing only IPL, representing CSK.

In the just concluded ICC T-20 World Cup at Australia where India’s ignominious defeat in semis, BCCI new President Roger Binny is reported to have decided that Dhoni should be made Team India Director. Along with the Coach Rahul Dravid, India needs to re-build the team with young legs.

Dhoni’s possible appointment as Director, Team India T20, could lift the morale of the team. Dhoni will build a team on the lines – horses for courses. His uncanny ability to yield the best from a player will take Team India shining once again on the world stage.