Will there be a third wave during Kalsarp Manohar Khushalani asks Astrovish

As explained in an earlier episode by Astrologer AstroVish, Kalsarp dosh is the cause of First and Second Wave of Coronavirus. As per Astrology, will there be the third wave as is being prophesied by experts and when will this nightmare end? Watch the video below. For being informed regularly please also subscribe to TheStageBuzz YouTube Channel


Kaalsarp dosh In the story of Samudramantham  both Devas and Asuras played their role in churning the ocean to get the Somras. Lord Vishnu was giving it to the Devas only hence Rahu disguised himself as a Deva and drank the nectar… when Lord Vishnu realized what he had done he took his Sudarshan Chakra and cut Rahu into two parts forming the head with Rahu himself and tail turned into Ketu

Kaalsarp dosh means Inauspicious planetary position. It can also be auspicious  depending on Rahu and Ketu placement.  Dosha means inauspicious, Yog means auspicious Rahu and Ketu are two different bodies and one soul  Ketu, eclipses planet sun who is the king of zodiac , Rahu eclipses astrological planet moon who is the queen of the zodiac.
Rahu or Ketu placed alone on one side of the vertical axis and rest all eight planets on the other side of vertical axis this placement forms a Kaalsarp dosh.

Sachin Tendulkar

This kind of a dosh can also turn into auspicious yog. For example two world class Indian cricketers, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar have this placement and they have won two world cups for India. For this one needs to be spiritually inclined as well.

MS Dhoni

Watch the discussion above. There is no fatalism here. One can overcome ones destiny by proper Karma
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Written by Radheka Shrinagesh Hiremath and Vishwanath Hiremath

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