Monthly Archive: February 2021


Faiz Forever / Kanika Aurora

Gulon mein rang bhare Baad-e-naubahaar chale Chale bhi aao ki Gulshan ka karobaar chale Come bahaar or spring and we all end up quoting Faiz Ahmed Faiz conjuring up evocative and tantalizing images of...

The X factor of Installation Art/Archana Hebbar/Colquhoun

Installation Art I would like to quote from the Tate glossary of art terms a definition of Installation Art. “Mixed-media constructions or assemblages usually designed for a specific place and for a temporary period...

The Dig: A Review by Kanika Aurora

Not for the impatient, watch this movie for the lonely beauty of the blue skies, the nuanced, unhurried, sensitive performances, the appreciation of a collective legacy as well reaffirming your belief that Life is Continuous and “it speaks, the past.”