Top 6 Features in iOS 13

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  • Dark Mode
  • Revamped Reminders App
  • New privacy features
  • New video editing tools in Photos App
  • Quick Path Keyboard
  • Fully functional browser experience

Apple released the annually iPhone update with iOS 13 at this year’s WWDC. This next edition of the company’s mobile operating system looks like quite an upgrade for both developers and users. Though this is not a public beta release, meaning you won’t be able to install it before iOS 13 gets stable. We have made a list of the top 6 features that makes iOS 13 worth upgrading to.

1. Dark Mode

Yes, the dark mode finally makes its entry to the iPhone. This was perhaps the most requested iOS feature of all time. The dark colour scheme is easier on the eyes and seems like a great way to use your iPhone, especially in low-light conditions. Moreover, apple also has implemented a feature allowing to automatically on the dark mode after the sunset and turns off at the sunrise which is quite a handy feature.

2. Revamped Reminders App

Apple has also revamped the reminders app with a lot of features. All apart from a new user interface, there are now Smart Lists headlining the redesigned interface, which cleverly break your tasks out into groups by what needs doing Today, Scheduled, Flagged. Moreover, your list can now also have photos, links and documents in it. Furthermore the reminder now automatically fetches the date, time and the contact mentioned in the list and can later remind you about that on that particular time, a pretty neat feature.

3. New Privacy Feature

Perhaps one of my favourite one, Apple announced that it will be launching a “Sign in with Apple” privacy feature which will allow users to create an account on websites with there apple id. Though what makes it interesting is that unlike Google and Facebook, it won’t be storing any sort of information about the user, which also means that you won’t be bombarded with those smart ads that consume your personal information or those marketing email that you never subscribed up for.

4. Video Editing Tools in the Photos App

With iOS 13, you can finally edit videos right inside the photos app. All those photo editing features of iOS 12 have made there way to videos as well. That means you can rotate, crop and even change the colour settings of the videos. iOS 13 now makes it easier to make quick edits to that footage, which is great for quick YouTube or social media videos.

5. Quick Path Keyboard

Remember installing those 3rd party apps like swiftkey to draw across the keyboard to type words? iOS 13 has built that right into its keyboard. Moreover, using your history of typing, it also gets smart at predicting your sentences which is pretty cool. This also results in way quicker and accurate typing than ever before!

6. Safari just got better

With iOS 13, you can now download videos, photos and documents right from the browser i.e no need for external 3rd party file manager to download your files anymore. This also follows up with updated safari’s browsing experience which includes favourites, frequently visited websites, and the websites you’ve recently viewed along with an updated start page design.