Mere Gaadi Waale Dheere Gaadi Hank

The Form
Bharud is one of Maharashtra’s important folk forms. Its presentations are a source of joy all over Maharashtra. It is the second most popular folk form after ‘Tamasha’, and is an integral part of annual fairs, Jnaneshwari Paraayan (recital/presentation of Saint Jnaneshwara’s Gita), and Tukaram Gaatha (compilation of Saint Tukaram’s Abhangs). Bharud is not only entertaining, but also spiritually educative with its theatrical, witty and musical qualities. Sant Eknath is known to be the ‘Janak’ of this form.

The Play
The presentation begins with Gan Bharud which comprises of Ganesh Stavan. This is followed by Yedicham Barud i.e. various songs sung by the performers. Next is the Kabir Panth Barud – Mere Gaadi Waale Dheere Gaadi Hank. The act conveys that this body is like a bullock-cart which can move smoothly only if God resides in the heart of the driver. The presentation will end with Ambabaicha Jogra which will talk about the elimination of blind faith, through Araadheen Geet and Bhutancha Geet. This performance is unique in its ability to enrapture the audience with its songs, dances, dialogues, speeches & chorus.

Group Leader’s Note
Bharud is a folk form of Maharashtra that is saturated with dance, drama and music. It conveys the voice of Eknath Maharaj and Kabeer, denouncing the harmful rituals and traditions of the society. Along with these, it also hits hard on current social issues, using mythological and cultural tales, joyful melody, devotional music, and dramatic characterisation. It persuades the audience to self- introspect.

The Group
Shivrudra is an institute that has been actively involved in theatre and cultural activities. It has been working towards the revival, research and growth of the rich folk-art and traditions of Maharashtra. It conducts workshops for the youth. For the past 40-50 years Shri Sant Jnaneshwar Mauli, Bhajani Mandal has been constantly working towards eradication of social discrimination, through Bharud. Today, the youth is willingly participating in this art. The group has received many state and national awards.

Cast & Credits

On stage Sheikh Allamin Umar, Mali Phoolchand Rambhau, Ingole Mukund Anna, Ingole Ramkrishna Hari Mukund, Sawant Balaji Digamber, Shingate Datatreya Bhagwan,
Shingate Vibhishan, Babruvan, Sawant Kashinath Kalidas, Moorey Babasaheb
Bhagwat, Sawant Navnath Dattu, Shinde Vibhishan Shahaji, Barpe Madhukar
Tukaram, Sawant Sajrerav Dayal, Varpe Dagdu Ramling, Pawar Sadhu Narhari,
Varpe Nana Bhau Eknath, Sawant Jaggannath Dayal, Varpe Subash Khanderav,
Sawant Sachin Shivaji, Owhal Ramesh Buwaji 
Backstage Samir Habib
Light design Avinath Khedkar
Stage Chief Shrimant D.M.
Stage assistant Thorat Nanabhau Utreshvar
Team leader Sunil Ginhe