Paule Chalati Pandharichi Vaat


The Play

Vari, a religious procession, has mesmerized the whole Maharashtra for the past 800 years. It is a valuable treasure of Maharashtrian culture. It is not only a celebration but also underlines the human progress, cultural and religious overflow, and gives us universal energy. It also symbolizes religious humanism, unity, and brother-hood, and gives us experience of stress-free life with self-discipline and physical fitness. Due to today’s stress-full life, competition and rat race, it is difficult for an individual to participate in Vari, and experience the sublimity. Keeping the same in mind we have planned this Vari Natya (Vari through drama/play) so the audience can experience this procession from Alandi to Pandharpur.


Director’s Note

Vari Natya is a celebration that points out the vices in human nature and gives a social message.

It makes you realize the importance of going to Pandharpur once in a life time. After viewing the play everyone will carry the grandeur and the positive attitude of varkaris. They have the potential to keep themselves content in any condition with their and peace of mind. Though Pandurang is the God of suppressed/down trodden class, our play will highlight their richness and importance too. Our play is a revolution for new generation to be one with the tradition, worship, unity, diversity and the immersion of Vari.


The Director & Co-Playwright

Dr. Sandeep Mane, despite working with the Government also manages Karmbhumi drama

at Kashil, Satara district. He has also worked with Saraswati Theatres to provide recognition to the

rural districts’ performers. He has managed various plays at Shahapur, Thane, Panvel, Raigad

and many other places in and around Mumbai. He is the co-writer & director for Paule Chalati Pandharichi Vaat.


The Playwright

Paule Chalati Pandharichi Vaat (A million steps heading towards the abode of God in Pandharpur) is a

Vari Natya (Musical performance of a Theatrical Play). We are leaping towards 21st century with the wings of novelty and modern thinking, in a fast paced life. Progress in life is evident when we follow such virtues and vices, especially in a modern day society which is under stress. While we move ahead towards progress we may also get stuck like a stick in mud, with social insecurities and incurable diseases of mind and body. Keeping this in mind Joy Kalamanch and Saraswati Theatre joined hands to produce and present Paule Chalati Pandharichi Vaat.


Cast & Credits

Kirtankar                  Suresh Chauhan

Gojakka                    Sulbha Jadhav

Mann                        Mangesh Kasekar

Mukta                       Sayli Kajdodkar

Vinekari                   Madhu Shinde

Shantakka               Sneha Paradkar

Rukmani                  Archana Jagtap

Vitthal                      Sachin Gajmal

Co- artists                Komal Kasare, Kajal Kasare, Tejal Kasare

                                   Madhuri Gayakwad, Aankanksha Rakde,

                                   Krutika Kambde, Ruchita Dongre,

                                   Shefali Sawant, Monika Vayal, Rajesh Vadunj,

                                   Prakash Bhagat, Vikas Kot, Aakash Rajguru,

                                   Prashant Dawde, Pradeep Jadhav, Pravin Kadam,

                                   Sailesh Godpade, Vishwanath Chandorkar,

                                   Rohan Kasare, Somesh Palande


Set & Lights Design          Sunil Devdekar

Lyrics                                  Shashank Kondilkar & Mohan Samant

Music                                  Datta Thite

Choreographer                 Sachin Gajmal

Make-up                            Aniket Kadokhe & Vaibhav Parshette

Costume                            Master Balwant & Savita Jethe

Sound                                 Nilesh Gawde

Setting Boys                      Ram Sagre & Team

Lights Equipment           Sayli Lights

Backstage                          Savita Jethe, Rajesh Valunj & Gajendra Sapte

Instrument player           Vinay Sawant

Sculptor                             Srikant Dhalkar & Ratan Aambekar

Host                                    Sandeep Vichare

Production Manager      Moiz Tarwadi

Producer                           Joy Nagesh Bhosle (Joy Kalamanch)

Concept                             Sachin Gajmal


Playwrights           Yuvraj Patil & Dr. Sandeep Mane

Director                  Dr. Sandeep Mane