The Play

Loka Shakuntala, though based on the popular story of Shakuntala, has been made special by bringing about a subtle analysis of socio-political aspects of the period along with poetic depiction of the love tale of Dushyanta and Shakuntala. It depicts the ashram & palace cultures in a poignant way. There is a socio-economic confrontation between two different cultures. The play has been designed in the Yakshagana style of acting. Under the able and watchful direction of the acclaimed theatre activist Chidambara Rao Jambe, the play has the distinction of having movement design by Sanjeev Suvarna and Kalamandal Prashob. Melodious music is provided by K.N. Nagaraj who also lent his soulful voice. Costume design is ably handled by Banee Sharad.


The Director

Born on 3rd January 1949 in Adderi, Karnataka, Shri Chidambara Rao Jambe is a well-known Kannada theatre director and cultural administrator. He is an alumnus of the National School of Drama. Karnataka Nataka Academy awarded him for his theatre work in 1994, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi honoured him as the Director of the National Theatre Festival 2003, and he received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2014 for his contribution to Indian theatre as a director.

Chidambara Rao Jambe is a well-known teacher of drama and was the Principal of Ninasam Theatre Institute, Heggodu for 22 years, and the Director of Mysuru Rangayana. He was trained in Yakshagana folk art of Dakshina Kannada.


The Playwright

Kuntagodu Vibhuthi Subbanna (20 February 1932 – 16 July 2005) was an acclaimed dramatist and writer of Kannada language. He was the founder of the world-famous Ninasam (Neelanakantheshwara Natya Sangha) drama institute in 1949. In 1991, he was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature, and Creative Communication Arts, in recognition of his contribution to enrich rural Karnataka with the world’s best films, and the delight and wonder of the living stage. He was awarded the Padmashri in 2004-5. He also established Akshara Prakashana, a publishing house, to publish literature related to theatre in Kannada, which included translations of plays from other languages.


The Group

Antharanga is a creative amateur theatre troupe identifying itself with several facets of socio-cultural arena for the past 37 years. Antharanga was formed in August 1980 to promote and involve itself & others in theatre with its different activities. Since then, it has traversed a golden path, establishing on the way many achievements which have attracted the attention of both the common person & the   discerning. Antharanga has been organizing a theatre festival every year inviting leading & upcoming troupes to stage plays along with its troupe, under its banner, on a grand scale. During the festival, Antharanga presents the Make-up Nani Award for senior make-up artists. Antharanga has encouraged its own creative people to direct plays for the troupe. It has stage more than 42 plays & seven street plays successfully. Antharanga has performed meaningful Kannada plays throughout Karnataka and also in many places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc. quite successfully.


Cast & Credits

On Stage                            Karthik Gowtham, Archana Shyam,

                                            Deepak Subramanya, Harsha Hosakere

                                            Sridhar Gowda, Pradeep kumar, Alok Urs,

                                            Anil Kulkarni, Bhargav Vasishta, Aravind MS,

                                            Rakesh Santosh Rahul, Ram Manjjonaath,

                                            Bhamini Nagaraju, Smita Kulkarni, Soumya Naik,

                                            Sumaana Muralidhar, Vasantha K


Movement Design          Sanjeeva Suvarna & Kalamandalam Prasobh

Music                                Nagaraj KN /Ravi Murur

                                           Mridanga Sharath

Costume Design             Banee Sharad

Make-up                          Ramakrishna Kannarapadi, Ramakrishna Belthur,

                                           Basavaraj, Sanchari Shashi

Set Property                    Maltesh Badiger

Set work                           Vishwanath Mandi and Team

Lighting                           Vinay Chandra


Organized & Managed by

Uncle Shyam, Muralidhar BV, Ramdev


Playwright                   K.V. Subbanna

Director                        Chidambara Rao Jambe



Antharanga Havyasi Nataka Thanda


Sagara Shimoga Distt. Karnataka

E: jambe.adderi@gmail.com