Inna Ki Awaaz by Syed Asghar Wajahat

The Play & Director’s Note

Inna Ki Aawaz is political satire based in an imaginary country where the king is a tyrant. Inna is a common man employed in the construction of a new palace for the king. He has got a melodious voice, all the workers, masons gather around him to listen his magical singing. He becomes so popular amongst lower strata of the kingdom that king feels threatened by him

The play Inna ki Aawaaz deals with the individual’s hidden tendencies both at political & social level. How an individual overplays the tricks to save his power, how important it becomes for him to suppress the voice of opposition.

The effective plan is not to finish the existence but to create such a situation where these voices are diverted and never find their way out.

It resembles a lot with contemporary political scenario where one’s supremacy includes the opposition to play safe, and after its utilization, is disposed off.

Secondly, it directs to the tendency of an individual, who after attaining one certain position forgets his own landscape and gets addicted to the facilities provided.

And this uncertainty leaves him somewhere near nowhere.

The Director

Shyam Kumar Sahani started his theatre journey from his group ‘Theatre Unit’ and later moved to Begusarai where he worked with ‘Akashganga Rangchaupal’. He has acted in Andha Yug, Andher Nagari, Panchlight, Godan, Kafan, Macbeth, Civilization on Trial etc. His directrial ventures include Papa Kho Gaye, Bas Aakar Chale Jana, Aaj Ka Hatimtai, Faans etc. He has worked as designer in many plays and has also done Art Direction for TV serials.

 The Playwright

Syed Asghar Wajahat, popularly known as Asghar Wajahat born July 5, 1946 is a Hindi scholar, fiction writer, novelist, playwright, an independent documentary filmmaker and a television scriptwriter, who is most known for his work, ‘Saat Aasmaan’ and his acclaimed play, Jis Lahore Nai Dekhya O Janmyai Nai, based on the story of an old Punjabi hindu woman, who gets left behind in Lahore after the partition and then refuses to leave.

He has published five collections of short stories, six collections of plays, street plays and four novels.

The Group

This play is being presented as part of the National School of Drama’s Graduate Showcase (Class of 2014), which aims to provide a platform for emerging theatre practitioners, while allowing them to share their work with a wide audience.